Back to Square One.

Kind of procrastinated on updated after getting the car back on the road but at this point it really doesn’t matter cause I’m right back to where I started.

Was cruising down the 605 North Bound at around 90mph and hit a pretty gnarly bump which led to a small dent in my oil pan and some rod knock. Monday I yanked out the motor and trans by myself in a little under 2 hours (not bad I think). Anyways I have already sourced another VG and yes I am staying NA for now so I can get the car running as soon as I can. Now Enjoy these lovely Instagram pictures of my broken car and the Awesome pictures taken by Sean of Narita Dog Fight!

Also big thanks to Yuta for helping me out with getting the car towed home and to the other NORUSH members for coming to make sure everything was cool on the side of the freeway (which turned into a mini meet hahah)

The Narita Dog Fight




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