Friday Night Lights.

This was a NORUSH Friday night. Started off at my house where Teddy (, Allan, Yuta (, and Sean ( all came to rescue me from Riverside. We then departed from here back to Allan’s house where Teddy’s and Yuta’s cars were and we also met up with Charlie and Phillip. From there we headed out to a really cool spot that I had no idea existed. It was really foggy which made it look extra cool and made for an extra fun drive with no headlights on hahaha.

Enjoy some photo’s taken by The Narita Dog Fight.



Allan’s Blue Fit (with real ings+1 bumper)

Teddy’s Red s13 (with D-max type 1 aero)

Charlie’s M3 (on Advan model 7’s)

Sean’s Black Civic (with Upgarage stickers)

Yuta’s Black Vert (on R33’s and Model 5’s)

This night made me miss my car so much…





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