Another nice day today. Which is actually very common in Southern California, well until like mid/late June once it starts to get hot and shitty. ANYWAYS, messed with the Z today. Tried to “eyeball” the alignment a little better and painted my tension rod brackets to match my LCA’s for I don’t know what reason haha. Also on Thursday I picked up my bellhousing from the machine shop (FINALLY) then stopped by Phase2 and picked up some needed gaskets and a Walboro 255. So I pretty much have everything I need for the swap besides piping for exhaust/intercooler and fittings for fuel lines, powersteering, and the turbo. Then on Friday I got an awesome package from Ryan at The Dream Room which had more stickers, twinkies, and dunkaroos in it it. So stoked on that package haha

Took off the NORUSH sticker because I want to remake it in Chrome vinyl.

The “Shopping List” as Daniel called it. Also notice the awesome new Team TEKNO sticker I just got from Killian. Big thanks for those.


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