Over Due

Allan, Teddy, and I were talking just yesterday while on the train ride around Disneyland how we miss the days of getting home from school or hiding extra tabs on your desk top in computer class of cool blogs that you checked on more often then you called your close relatives. Either way it reminded me that I haven’t kept up nearly as much as I should with my personal blog. I mean there hasn’t been much to update with but some random photos and descriptions as to whats going on and where the car and I have been would suffice I think. So here is were we stand today.

Haven’t done much with the car aside from driving and maintenance seeing as the business and everything takes up most of the funds, but still doing what I can and when I can to the car! Recently Got it aligned a few weeks back, changed the oil and trans fluid just this passed week. I also put on a URAS drag wing that I got from Roy of Bosstown which I am super stoked about! I’ve been wanting one for a good amount of time and once he told me he’d part ways I couldn’t say no. I’m really really happy with how it looks and couldn’t thank Roy enough for sending it to me in the original box too! Aside from that it’s just been work, Disneyland and friends. So life has been good.I’m gonna dump out the photo’s I have on my phone now so you can enjoy them or not hahaha (there may also be photos from “supras in vegas” in there from early October or late September I can’t remember)





Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset






5 thoughts on “Over Due

  1. Tier Dolo December 17, 2014 / 5:25 pm

    Welcome back! I did miss your blog posts by the way

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