‘Bout a week ago.

These last few weeks have been a little eventful. While waiting on parts to come in for the Z we’ve been doing a little bit of adventuring. Two weeks ago (the weekend before New Years) Arlynna, James, Makayla, David, Josh, Mandy, Anthony, and I took a trip up to Big Bear for the day. Aside from the astonishing amount of traffic and Anthonys complaining it was a great day and beautiful drive! After having a nice snow ball fight, eating some beef jerky, and freezing a bit we headed back to get some KBBQ seeing as we were all beyond starving.

The night before Arlynna and I met up with James, David, and Anthony at Cafe 86 for boba and to discuss the following days plans. We didn’t hang for too long seeing as it was way to cold outside. So Arlynna and I headed out to Monteray Park to get some ramen at Daikokuya.

After the weekend it was back to reality to have some work finished and bills paid before the new year started. New Years night wasn’t too eventful BUT it was rather freezing! Arlynna, Allan, Nidia bundled up and watched Wreck it Ralph.

New Years Day was fun. I slept in till like 4pm hahaha and then Arlynna came over. Called up James and David then went and picked them up to get Ramen at Yamadaya in Costa Mesa.

“First Meal of the Year”

After eating we had the great idea of going up to Mount Baldy to see if there was any fresh snow and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

Arlynna was overwhelmed with the winter wonderland and felt the need to put her face to get the full effect of it all hahahahaha

(notice her face imprinted in the snow to the left?? hahahahahah)

The Snow was actually very powdery and fresh so we continued to throw snowballs at each other just cause they looked cool exploding off one another hahahaha We also kept throwing stuff in to the snow cause we found it really funny how the rocks would instantly sink in to the foot or so of snow. Needless to say we had plenty of fun hahah

I will finally have a update on the Z tomorrow as well. I got some stuff in for it this week. Redid some stuff, got little interior things, and some aftermarket stuff that I’ll post up!


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