A few days after putting in the Driveshaft and enjoying the car for a few days my E-fan went out. Not to bummed or surprised it was just a cheap-o 14 inch electric fan. I also noticed a little bit of lifter tick. That’s was kind of irritated me. I bled my lifters just a few months back and just recently changed my oil like a month or so ago. I picked up two 12″ electric fans this time around and picked up some Rotella Oil cause David was telling me of all the lovely detergents it has in it and how it may help with my lifter seeing as we were thinking it may just be dirty. Friday night I pulled out my old fan and wired in my new ones. They actually pull in a good amount of air and aren’t too loud so I’m happy with them. I want to make a nice shroud for them but that’s a project for another day…

Don’t mind how dirty my engine bay is. I know I really need to clean the entire car.

I then changed the oil and called it a night. I drove the car to work the next day to see if hopefully the ticking lifter would shut up.

Sadly enough it didn’t. So I told myself to get up at a decent time Sunday to pull them out, bleed them, and soak them.

I got up around 10am (yes to me that’s a decent time hahah) Went to the store got some coffee to give me some energy and picked up a quart of Rotella T6 to clean and bleed the lifters in.  Got back and put the car on blocks so I don’t break my back.

I got myself stationed and so did Lady.

Dis-assembly begins

Pulled out one side of the lifters and put them in the oil. You can see some air coming out of them.

Pulled out the other side. Then covered everything up to let the lifters soak/clean for a day or so. I should be putting it all back together tonight when I get home. I should have another update tomorrow or the next day.


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