This last weekend was a lot of fun. Ate a lot too. Totally spaced and didn’t take pictures but I’m sure you all know what Ramen, KBBQ, and The Hat looks like. We also tried the new Afters in Chino Hills on Sunday after a hike to Bonita Falls. For those who don’t know Afters serves you Ice Cream Doughnut Sandwich’s which exceeded my expectations of deliciousness by a thousand. If you haven’t tried it go try it when you have the time.

On to the Pictures. Sunday James, Makayla, David, Arlynna, and I went on a hike up to Bonita Falls which was a lot of fun! Really wish there wasn’t so much shitty graffiti everywhere though.

Such Adorable

Me: I gotta fart….
Arlynna: Hold it in for the picture

After all of this we ended up at The Hat and then after that we made our way to Afters. We did the math and the food + the hike is like dividing by zero therefore we didn’t actually do anything on Sunday.

Monday I met up with Adrian to get another set of lifters to finally replace my shitty ones. Couldn’t thank him enough! Saturday night I detailed the Z before going out for KBBQ so I took a picture of it yesterday to show how red it looks now.

Also finally got new lights for my garage and came home to Shelby waiting for me

Here are a few pictures that James took with his gopro when he first got it right before we did a little streeting

OH almost forgot here’s how the engine bay looks now too.


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