Tick tock

Yet again I spent this week bleeding lifters. At this point I feel a bit cursed but whatever I’ll do what I can to fix it and make this stupid noise go away.

Soaked them in diesel fuel for a day then put them in another cup of diesel fuel for another day.

After that I bled them in Rotella and let them soak for a day. The following day I bled them a second time to make sure everything was out.

Arlynna was having loads of fun hahaha

After the second bleeding I put them in torqued them down and called it a night seeing as I needed to pick up a new valve cover gasket.

Went over to Phase 2 Motortrend and got a gasket. Went home put it all together checked timing and we all raced out to Anaheim to meet with James buddy Josh and then to Irvine to meet with Arlynnas cousin Jon for curry.

On Thursday Arlynna was super stoked for finishing her winter semester (also her last english class EVER) so in all that excitement she brought all this donut strawberry chocolate goodness!! I’m really stoked for her!

Also, when leaving curry Alrynna discovered my URAS gloves and thought it was the funniest thing ever told me to put them on and then did this hahahahahah


2 thoughts on “Tick tock

  1. jyw0rld February 16, 2015 / 10:29 am

    Your URAS gloves are the coolest OP 🙂

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