A friend of mine from the San Diego area Ahmed had his 24th birthday yesterday and invited me down for hangs and kbbq. I couldn’t refuse seeing as I hadn’t seen him in awhile and wanted to do some catching up! I drove the z while James and David followed in the rental Corrolla James got since the Supra is in the body shop. We stopped off at a View point on i5.
All pictures are thanks to James fancy phone hahaha




We finally got there in time for food and boba. Got some pictures of the cars together which was really cool to see cause the last time they saw each other mine was still VG and his was auto, stock suspension, and 350z wheels. So needless to say the cars have come a long ways!

While down there Charles joined us as well and I got to pick up some carbon air ducts for my engine bay. Really stoked on these! Mocked them up to get an idea.

And to finish all this off here is a picture of Arlynna, Touda, Teddy, and I having a grand time at Disney for Toudas birthday! Man, there were a lot of birthdays in these last few weeks…..


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