Another post that I took way to long to post. I really need to stop procrastinating on posting cause then I get stuck having to back track and figure out the dates of when things happened and try to get them in order. Not really like anyone would notice anyways but I just like things in the order of how they happened so that in case they are linked they will make sense. Anyways here we go. Starting from I want to say the end of September or maybe a little earlier. Arlynna had surprised me at work with these lovely flowers (I have never before received flowers and not to sound gay but I now know why girls like getting flowers so much. Makes you feel really nice inside hahaha) as well as a pair of awesome new shoes, and a cute note that rhymed very well to remind me that it had been area since we had met and started dating. Needless to say it made me feel some type of way hahahaha.

12188782_1321346654558319_45615310_n 12179409_1321346657891652_1012985339_n

James, David, and I met up with Moya, Steven, and Charlie at Tea Station. We hung out for a decent amount of time and as we were about to leave I noticed two cars pulling that looked oddly familiar. Once They got closer I realized it was Justin from Nor Cal in his FRS which is really cool looking in person and an awesome dude to hang with! Even though it was only for like 20 minutes hahaha 12179020_1321346674558317_601968882_n12181839_1321346664558318_1869204009_n 12179062_1321346667891651_2098165419_n

A few days later Arlynna and I had went Jazz Cat for dinner to celebrate that she could finally eat after having her wisdom teeth removed just a week before. This was one delicious meal. It also went perfectly with the weather cause it was cold and rainy that weekend.


I believe that follow day which should be a Sunday my sister Danielle had called me at the unGodly hour of 8am frantically telling me to get up and get ready cause she was picking me up for an “adventure”. I would have said no but I had a feeling it was going to be very much worth getting up. I got up showered and called Arlynna so she could join us too. We picked her up and headed to San Diego area. The rain had continued into the day and made for nice clouds.


12178266_1321346647891653_309322060_n 12180207_1321346631224988_377383850_n 12179841_1321346624558322_1352137072_n 12179662_1321346627891655_1127725711_n 12179102_1321346611224990_965962017_n

We had arrived in Escondido to pick up this little guy who is now named Axel. I could not handle he was/is.

12188440_1321346577891660_1409499514_n 12188339_1321346544558330_801831536_n 12179364_1321346537891664_1672730191_n 12179121_1321346571224994_728408920_n 12177769_1321346524558332_355509428_n 12016464_1321346581224993_686693055_n

That following weekend I decided to finally finish the rear ball joints and bushings on the Z.

12181757_1321346447891673_24476222_n 12179932_1321346431225008_1868079946_n

I took some time and cleaned everything a bit and was some what pleased with the out come. Then I put it all back together.

12182105_1321346461225005_1311786902_n (1)

A few weeks before this I had designed a Pendant for Don the gentlemen that runs a Mexican restaurant called Cha Cha’s near the store. He loved it and gave my Dad and I gift cards to the restaurant. So Arlynna and I decided to give it a try later that week after I did the bushings and it was pretty damn good!

12179690_1321346487891669_2094062426_n 12182093_1321346471225004_1432512594_n 12182268_1321346467891671_1280580552_n

After this things were pretty quiet until Arlynnas birthday came around and we took a small weekend trip up to San Fransisco to celebrate and get away for a bit! I rented a small car and pack her, Jon her cousin, and her brother George. We left Friday night to arrive there Saturday morning.

First stop was the Golden Gate Bridge! Funny story. It was about 5 in the morning and I had missed the small exit for the pull off to look at the bridge. I had stopped about 80ft after the exit and was about to back up until someone from a toll booth started screaming at me over the intercom to keep going straight hahaha so I did and we ended up seeing a deer randomly on the other side of the bridge.


12182175_1321346371225014_696930456_n 12178211_1321346411225010_1221075988_n 12177828_1321346397891678_573622825_n 12048705_1321346387891679_1655874093_n

After this it was time for breakfast, roam the city, and meet up with Pete,Curt, and Jason! Which followed with getting coffee and then they took us just a few blocks to introduce me to Jon and his cool Cressida that I’ve seen on zilvia.

12188395_1321346357891682_156275360_n 12182233_1321346354558349_139075459_n 12182086_1321346361225015_1535866765_n 12179829_1321346364558348_1389305999_n 12188548_1321346351225016_1728119238_n

After this we made our way to so heavily populated area that I can’t remember the name of hahaha

12179197_1321346344558350_1521551_n 12179603_1321346377891680_1038708987_n 12179733_1321346301225021_1780653048_n

Spend a few hour roaming around there. Road a trolley.


We then went and checked in to the hotel, got some wendy’s, and napped seeing as we had drove all night. Only napped for like 2 ish hours took a shower and text Curt to ask him for some good pizza in the city. In which he said to head to North Shore and get Golden Boy Pizza. I will know always make sure to ask Curt where good pizza is cause man that was some really good pizza. So we drove up to North Shore, parked, and started walking around in search for the pizza.


12178188_1321345874558397_2140169899_n 12178168_1321345891225062_1771720137_n 12188707_1321345771225074_1789340602_n 12188780_1321345904558394_1797662362_n 12177804_1321345947891723_574028624_n


12178185_1321345857891732_273265209_n 11655323_1321345854558399_1312081013_n

Sunday morning we got up around 9-930. Met with Pete and Jason for coffee and breakfast. And it was really good coffee. Thanks to Pete’s suggestion on “Blue Bottle Coffee”


After this Jason decided it was best for him to start making his way back home to Temecula. We all parted ways and we made our way up to these lovely houses.

12188819_1321344824558502_343413451_n 12188361_1321344844558500_1709755048_n 12178995_1321344857891832_700039214_n


and we made our last stop “Billy Goat Hill”. Arlynna saw it in a book the day before and said she really wanted to stop there so I made sure we did before leaving. (she was almost to scared to go on the swing hahaha)

12179930_1321344674558517_313751332_n 12179765_1321344671225184_1160730929_n 12179487_1321344694558515_364956002_n 12179487_1321344691225182_1596492695_n

I didn’t take nearly enough pictures but I was kind of overwhelmed with everything to be honest. It was an amazing weekend and the weather was incredible. Already trying to plan to go back up sometime soon.

This last weekend my sister and I drove over to my moms house in Nevada for two days. It was a great weekend as well seeing as I hadn’t seen my mom in many months. The time I get to spend with her always goes by way to quick. We just had a nice relaxing weekend at her house and didn’t go out or do anything. It was great. Here’s some pictures of the drive home.

12048705_1321344604558524_2138212494_n 12181894_1321344601225191_416550356_n

A few days ago Arlynna sent me some pictures from last winter when we had some rainy Disney Days. I can’t wait for those this winter. Also some from when my shifter fell apart on a drive in San Diego.

804684_1321344594558525_972874657_n 12179387_1321344591225192_1431824802_n 12182276_1321344627891855_117857507_n 12182229_1321344641225187_1614730039_n 12188780_1321344614558523_1388386361_n

Then Derek sent me this from early in 2014 before he sold the IS


That’s it for now. I’ll hopefully have some stuff to post up soon!


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