I want to say about two weekends ago Arlynna and I went on a Sunday and had Jazz Cat for dinner. It was delicious as always. After we weren’t sure what to do and then remembered it was Sunday that meaning that the Edwards Theater in Anaheim Hills was only $5 a ticket and The Peanuts Movie is out! So we headed over there and the movie was incredible. If you are at all a Peanuts fan you have to see it. It’s way too good!


Later that week on Thursday Benson had told me he was gonna be at the Irwindale Drift night. I headed over after work to see that Steve and Marc were there with him which was a very pleasant surprise! Just minutes later Scott from Koyo showed up and we all talked and watched Benson drive for a bit.


During his last run his car had randomly cut out and wouldn’t start so he got towed back to the pits where we had started to diagnose the problem. We didn’t hear the fuel pump priming so we came to the conclusion it was something related to that. Turns out one of the baffles in the fuel tank had came loose and touched/shorted out the pump and popped the fuse. We dug into the tank and pulled out the baffle and put in a new fuse and it was good to go!



He then very kindly invited us over to his house for dinner where Nadine had prepared Katsu, Rice, and Tomate soup! It was delicous and I can not thank them enough for the dinner and having me over! Also their youngest Sabine had stayed up to the late hour of 10pm waiting for Benson to get home and she was too adorable putting stickers all over Benson and Nadine as well as shoving M&M’s down his mouth hahahaha

This last weekend was pretty fun as well! Saturday Arlynna, David, and I had taken a trip to get Tacos El Gordo. It was delicious as it always is but I didn’t take any pictures cause I was way too hungry. On Sunday I had done some cleaning in the garage and then headed over to Arlynnas to pick her up and go to Disneyland for the afternoon and enjoy the weather as well as the CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!


A few days ago Damon had told me he was thinking about selling a GREDDY water pump pulley he had laying around and I said I’ll take it if he sells it. A few days later it was on my car hahaha


That’s about it for now. I’ll hopefully have some other updates soon!


One thought on “Red

  1. jyw0rld November 21, 2015 / 5:49 am

    I didn’t know you went to Benson’s house. That pretty sweet.

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