Great White North

Here come’s a somewhat long post that will be broken up by each day from Arlynna and I’s trip to Vancouver Canada. I’ve been meaning to post about it seeing as it was in early December and it’s now going into mid January but I was so overwhelmed when I went back and looked through all the photo’s I took. So I decided I should go day by day to make it a bit easier.

I’m gonna combine the day we landed with day one because we got there around 9 o’clock at night and it just makes things a little easier on me hahah.

I want to say mid October Arlynna had surprised me with this.


I was at a complete loss for words. I was so excited to finally go and travel somewhere outside of California! Especially to Canada cause she knew that I had been wanting to go. The weeks/months leading to the trip felt SO LONG.

Also side note I had never been on a plane before. So I was also really excited and scared to experience that haha

Departure day is now here and the level of excitement is beyond words. I was getting to take time away from everyday life, see places I’d never been to, see friends I haven’t seen in awhile, and get to make new memories/experiences with Arlynna.

We had no exact destinations once we got there. We went in with a kind of go with the flow mentality. I say kind of because my good friend Mark was kind enough to send me loads of stuff to do and try a few days before. So we kind of had an idea of what we were gonna do it’s just nothing was set in stone.

David was kind enough to take us to the airport which I can’t thank him enough for because that place is a mad house. We are waiting for our flight and I have crazy amount of butterflies in my stomach. We began to board the plane and it finally all started to feel real. Arlynna got me a window seat since I had never been on a plane and what not. Man, I’m so glad she did cause It was incredible. I started to snap pictures instantly.

When I say I took a lot of pictures I mean I took A LOT of pictures. I’m really only posting about half of what I actually took.


Take off in a plane feels so cool!! I felt like a little kid haha I was speachless about everthing going on. I was also blown away by the other passengers lack of interest in what we were all taking part in!

Also I felt like the airport looked like a scene from a GTA video game haha12483062_1366904696669181_1311095484_o12510135_1366904713335846_703138846_o12510788_1366904886669162_2140515054_o12510934_1366904763335841_1427131660_o12494204_1366904830002501_1685060794_o12511213_1366904936669157_1736086564_o12489785_1366905030002481_1683974887_o12494266_1366905363335781_76820726_o

Everything actually looks like little squares!!12490205_1366905283335789_1272475569_o12516905_1366905153335802_2004732096_o12490209_1366905396669111_749588594_o12516650_1366905346669116_1498230776_o12499383_1366905510002433_2120189530_o12511184_1366905540002430_697034115_o


We had a layover in Seattle for an hour. Which actually turned out to be only 20-30 minutes cause it took a bit of time to get off the plane and what not. We then ran across the airport to make sure we weren’t late.12483203_1366906470002337_1950382229_o

As we started to get closer to landing they allowed us to turn on our phones and I was sent this very cool text.


After dealing with customs and what not we were finally welcomed in to the country!


We went and got our rental car which was at the airport and was a rather irritating experience BUT we got it all squared away and over with and were then greeted outside by Mark and Ryan. I was so stoked to see them! Got to the hotel. Got checked in and went off to dinner at G-Men Ramen where Bri Lau was waiting for us. I totally spaced and forgot to take pictures of our food. It was AMAZING. I suggest it as a must when you go there.


As we were eating Mark was nice enough to invite Arlynna and I on a Greasey Woodsmen adventure the next day. Which I can’t thank him and his buddies enough for cause it was one hell of a way to start our vacation/first experience of a real winter. It was exactly what I was hoping to do up there.

The next morning Arlynna and I got up nice and early to get over to Marks house in Deep Cove. That is one beautiful place.

Here’s a photo from our hotel. We stayed in Richmond minutes from the Airport to play it safe for our departure day.


After getting to Marks house we went to meet up with his buddies for a Tims run before the drive up to the Mountains in Squamish. Also because it’s manditory that you get Tims when you go to Canada. I got a double double with a chocolate dip and Arlynna got a maple dip. The donuts are prety damn good! Mark also got me a nice keepsake that I wore the rest of the trip to let everyone know that I was in fact a tourist.


Arlynna trying to stay warm.


It was off to the mountains now. On the way up I was blown away every second by how beautiful nature is up there. I mean nature is beautiful everywhere but everything up there is so lush and green. It was crazy!

Here are pictures as we were making our way up the trail.


The snow started off kind of gradual as we started making our way up and then BOOM. This winter wonderland. It was insane. I was really cool cause I had never experienced actual snow fall nor had I seen something like this in person.

At this point we were at the peak elevation of this trail so we went down over the other side to this really cool roaring river. 12476731_1366937516665899_172894045_o

These two pictures kind of help give an idea of all the lush and green-ness I was talking about earlier.


As you can tell Arlynna was some what cold.


Making our way back up and over the Mountain.


We made another quick stop at the top to look around and soak it all in before getting back in to town.


And for those who know the World Famous Charlie!!


Later that night Ryan swung by and we went to get some bubble tea (boba) at a near by place in Richmond. They had a good amount of “specialty drinks” and I thought this one looked best!


Caught Arlynna off gaurd hahahaha


Well that sums up the first day! I will have the following days up soon!



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