Great White North: Part 5.5

We have now made it to the last full day of our trip which was also my favorite.

I put “part 5.5” cause the following day was our departure day and all we were able to do is get lunch and return the rental car. But on with the story.

Tuesday was our last full day so we wanted to make the most of it. We were told to take a drive back up to Squamish for a ride up the Sea to Sky Gondola and that’s exactly what we did. It was breath taking to say the least. The drive up Sea to Sky was insane. The entire time I was wishing I had the Z. The road was so smooth and all the turn outs to stop and gaze out. Man. Along the side of the road were the countless waterfalls but just a half a mile or so before the Gondola was this huge roaring fall that I sadly didn’t get a picture of. Anyways. On with pictures of Arlynna and I adventuring!


Thankfully they supplied blankets for the ride up otherwise Arlynnas little legs would have froze off hahaha At the bottom waiting for the Gondola there was a nice older couple we had started chatting with and they let us ahead of them since we were foreigners and they were so excited for us to be there. Canada really is filled with nice people hahahah


We got to the top and started walking around the lodge that was at the top. The view was out of control. I was speachless. 13128506_1472484092777907_1987379176_o13128644_1472484192777897_920998841_o13148107_1472483996111250_1336578742_o (1)13148107_1472483996111250_1336578742_o13199258_1472483972777919_989658263_o13199414_1472484159444567_764466304_o

We went over to the bridge that was there to make our way across and see what else there was to explore.


Little did we know there was gonna be a trail with Christmas decorations!


13161205_1472526906106959_1962773950_o13170672_1472625856097064_484487821_o13184820_1472625796097070_15953080_o13199030_1472626212763695_823341458_o13199111_1472626119430371_1971787432_o13199029_1472626202763696_1759827196_o13147945_1472626059430377_32188815_o (1)13169845_1472626216097028_682020081_o13128883_1472626236097026_1689637379_o13128765_1472627059430277_165023936_o13120403_1472627086096941_855316044_o

and then look who we found!!!


We went over to the lodge area to get warm for a bit and relax. At this point it was starting to get a little too cold for us hahah (30 degrees) We hoped back on the Gondola to make our way back down to the car.

Right before that we went back to the bridge for one last picture.


Cool Evo on the way back to the hotel hahah13148101_1472664379426545_177258411_o

It is now Thursday. Our departure day. I woke up with only one thing on my mind G MEN RAMEN. I really wanted to have it at least once before we left. I wasn’t feeling 100% from Monday but I was feeling good enough.

We got up, got ready, and started packing. Checked out and loaded up the car with all like 3 bags we had hahaha

Then the magic happened.


It was so good and just what I needed before heading home.

Arlynna clearly excited about me taking pictures.


Dropped off the rental car and then we sat and waited for out flight.


We are ready for take off!


What to expect when flying over Southern California at night


This trip was nothing short of amazing. I can’t thank Arlynna enough for such an incredible gift. Although it took me forever to finish posting about it I still remember it clear as day becuase of how much fun we had and all that we experienced. Soon enough will be back up there to venture over to Kelowna and visit a few of my great friends and their homes!

Thank You so much for looking through our trip!!


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