The Return

Around August of last year I decided to park the z till I was happy with it. It was really a forced decisioin because I had gotten in to a small accident. Nothing serious. It was at like 20mph in my neighborhood. A person pulled out with out looking and I didn’t have time to stop. The damage was minimal. The Bumper support took all the impact. My bumper also got pretty beat up but I was eh about that. The other driver instantly took fault which was good and made things east. It was resolved quickly and I had a check in my hands within a few days which led to the revival of how the Z is now. I didn’t save the pictures from the accident unfortunetaly but oh well. Now. On to the pictures and what all was done.

Just before this all happened I had got a JDM cluster from a friend/really nice dude Omron from SD. Pulled the front cover off to clean it and install my gauge rings.


Once I had the money in my account from the accident I started searching for aero and came across this Real Speed bumper oddly on ebay about 12 pages in. I paypal’d him right away to secure it.


Had to test fit instantly and was super stoked on it. Need some repairs here and there. OH and also picked up a pair of 17×9 Model 5’s to complete my set! Huge thanks to Jimmy (jyworld)!!13445906_1506810782678571_1222527300_o

The coolant hoses that run under the intake manifold had become leaky and crusty so I pulled off the intake manifold to replace and get to cleaning. No one had them in stock so I took the hoses to an autozone and one of the workers was nice enough to let me go to the back and pick out what hoses I felt would work best and I was surprised to find some that were almost identical! While in there I pulled off the stock oil tree and put on the Tomei N2 block off plate to begin my oil cooler set up.




While skimming through Zilvia I found a set of NISMO 740’s for a really good deal so I jumped on it. Once I got them I sent them to RC to be cleaned and flow tested. I was very happy with the results!


fuel rail cleaned up with new hardware13453157_1506811016011881_209473787_o

new lower runners gasket13467473_1506811022678547_1315976908_o

and back together we go!13461324_1506811086011874_1081159584_o

almost forgot about the fuel rail donuts!


I was in need of replacing my VTC gear cause it sounded horrible and one thing led to another. A good friend Alex with the comment of “well you are already gonna be in there and I’ll hook you up…….”


while I had it all apart I steam/pressure washed the cam oil squirters. 13461123_1506812489345067_1972019636_o

All back together. Torqued and spun. 13461214_1506812496011733_584918076_o

I wanted to redo the intake so that it’s in the engine bay. I tossed the old HKS one seeing as it really did nothing hahaha and picked up a new BLITZ intake and picked up at z32 maf to go with it.


Picked up a KOYO oil cooler and had lines made.


Went to a local metal shop and picked up some peices to make up a bracket for it. Was pleased with it as well with how sturdy it is. You can push the car with it. It’s bolted down to the core support.


I had a very sloppy shifter so I need to throw some new bronze bushings in to tighten it up.


I had also pulled my harness as I believe I said before to clean it up. But after looking at it I felt as though it was a lost cause. I hit up wiring specialties and they took care of me! This harness is so freakin quality! I was blown away. So happy to have a nice new crisp harness. 13441522_1506813702678279_1016334733_o

Engine bay fully assembled!


(there are a few little details about it that will be added further in the post)

FINALLY THE DAY CAME WHEN MY ORIGIN FENDERS ARRIVED. The wait and hoops and set back i delt with for these things was rediculous. But in reality the wait is what led to me getting so much done to the car. I don’t know where the pictures went but I had replaced all the rear spindle/lower control arm bushings in the rear and cleaned up everything rather nicely. Oh well.



as you can see one had cracked during shipping but was easily repaired.

test fit time.


I figured with the work being done to the engine I should get a wideband.


As you can see the fenders have the origin fenders have the cut outs for JDM fender lights. I was not gonna pass up the opportunity for more lights so I found these on YAJ.


Before sending the car to the body shop I had shaved down the rockerpanel on the rear bumper so it’s nice and smooth to match the rest of the car. This took way longer than I expected.


Stripped the car of all it’s panels and loaded it up!


The guy doing my body work was a friends Dad and when I had dropped it off he said I was more than welcome to come by after work or during the day to work on it myself/learn how to do body work. I was super stoked about that and took as much time as I could to be there and do what I could.

We started off with block sanding/finding the highs and lows on the body so we could pull the dents out and make everything smooth. He also went and cut metal plugs for the rear wiper and antenna holes since I was deleting them.


We started on the quarter panel where I had been hit in a parking lot by some asshole who didn’t even have the courage to leave their information.




In the time we were doing the body work I had some other things come in. I had found this cool BLITZ boost controller/map analyzer for CHEAP on YAJ. As well as I ordered a winfactory front splitter to help keep my bumper safe. It’s such a quality peice! I’m so glad I got it!


Needed a new oil filter as well as my steering rack had died but thankfully Edgar had a twin turbo rack laying around that he let me have so I had it rebuilt!


more body work! gotta make sure the rear fenders are nice and straight!


Getting some primer


and then sanded back down.13441606_1506813699344946_1065982824_o

Now waiting for the booth.




I really wish I could capture the metallic with my phone. I am beyond stoked with the color and how the body came out. Everything is so straight and nice just how I wanted. After baking a curing. I came back with a trailer and took it home.


Coincidentally on my birthday hahaha Happy Birthday to me!

Started to put bits and pieces together. But I still have work that needed to be done so I didn’t put it all back.


I had to put in the steering rack as well as run the new harness and button up the wiring for the gauges as well as plug in the Power FC that I had picked up that I didn’t mention above.

After doing all that over the span of a few weeks I messaged Koji at Auto Talent to schedule a date to be tuned. I planned it so that in the same day I get tuned I would get the car aligned.

The Friday came around and I loaded the car back on to the trailer and got the day started. I first went to get aligned seeing as it was local to me in Riverside.


Finished up the alignment and got back on to the trailer to head towards LA where Auto Talent is located.

This is where we ran in to a small problem. We began to tune and barely setting the base cruising map my turbo died and started to leak and smoke oil. We put it back on the ground and I loaded up once again and went home with a broken car.

Needless to say I was super bummed. With an exciting trip to Canada to look forward to at the end of June I decided to just hold off on the car and wait till we get back to get things going on it again. Arlynna thought otherwise. She said nope. We are getting that car tuned and on the road before our trip. With her help I picked up a new Garrett 2871R 86 a/r.

Took about a week to come in and once it did I got it in asap. Got it started, Bled coolant and made sure we were ready to go.


I text Koji and he said bring it at the end of the week and that’s just what I did.

Time to go back on the trailer and get to Auto Talent.


Koji got right to it. I stood there watching all that he was doing with my fingers crossed praying to make sure nothing went wrong.


Arlynna put in some ear plugs and started making Friendship bracelts. She made me one to match the Z hahaha It’s awesome.


I think it brought me good luck cause the car did great!! We finished around 11:30pm and headed home. Got home around 1am seeing as I couldn’t drive too fast with the trailer and part of the 91 was closed yet again.

But once I got home I went right back to it and put all my aero back on and tightened everything down so it could be ready to drive Saturday night!

I was up till about 3am putting everything on and cleaning my finger prints. I woke up at about 7 the next morning and even though I was super tired I was so happy to see it ready to go.


After work I went home. Hoped in and headed over to Arlynnas to pick her up so we can go drive and enjoy.

We went and met up with everyone and then drove with them too and did some driving around.


On Sunday we went over to check out Nissan Jam and drove out to Laguna after getting some lunch.



Watched a romantic sunset, got some pizza, and headed on home.


Monday night Arlynna and I were bored so decided to go for a little drive. So great to be able to just hop in a get away.


And here we are now! To say I’m happy would be an understatment. I truely can’t thank my amazing girlfriend enough. Even though she will deny it she helped me a lot. Also my good friends. Can’t wait for more driving and enjoying this summer and for the years to come. Now it’s time to get ready to head up to Canada on the 25th! So stoked for everything!


Thank You for anyone who made it this far in the post!




10 thoughts on “The Return

  1. Tier Dolo June 16, 2016 / 8:33 am

    Franklin, good lord, so much was done it looks so good!

    • franklin June 21, 2016 / 1:38 pm

      Thanks dude!! I appreciate it!!

  2. ET June 16, 2016 / 9:16 am

    Wow so many awesome updates!! Came out perfect dude!!

  3. jyw0rld June 17, 2016 / 5:26 pm

    This is one of the best posts I’ve read ever. You have inspired me so much you have no idea

    • franklin June 17, 2016 / 5:29 pm

      Thanks dude!! I really appreciate it! and fuck yes! That makes me so stoked!!

      • jyw0rld June 20, 2016 / 7:50 am

        read it again…..probably read it again before I go to sleep.

  4. camryonbronze June 20, 2016 / 8:38 am

    Great job Franklin! Your car looks amazing. So happy for you dude- what a feeling to have it painted, tuned, and aligned so you can fully enjoy it!

    • franklin June 20, 2016 / 11:29 am

      thanks Dadmon!! I appreciate it!

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