These are random photos that I have been meaning to post. A few weeks back I broke my phone and was forced to get a new one which isn’t a bad thing since the screen was missing chunks but I lost a lot of pictures which bums me out. Mainly because I can’t post them here to have to look back on later on.

Here are a few photos from a little night cruise to a random park in Orange County.


This may have been the following Sunday or previous hahah I can’t remember exactly. But Alex showed us this cool little spot in NewPort that was on the water.


This was right before we met with Allan and Nidia for a little Disneyland fun.

A little rip around Autopia!


Arlynna being silly and taking pictures as I was working hahahaha


and Just a little over a week ago Sebastian turned 1 year old! So we got him in his birthday suit and had him blow out his candle hahahahah


A few days after this Nathan had just landed back in Southern Calirfornia from Japan and stayed a few days before going back to Kentucky. He got this cool shot after we had some in n out.


I want to say this brings us up to date as far as what I have on my phone goes. I have some things I need to do to the z. Just maintanence stuff but I’ll make sure to keep posted with that and adventures!


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