Here’s the latest update on the Z.

Last week my heater core decided to start peeing all over my carpet so on sunday I pulled out my dash. That was a rather irritating. I’ve been wanting a new dash for awhile cause mine has a lot of broken tabs but sadly I couldn’t find any locally in good condition so I had to settle with keeping mine for now.

After getting out the heater core and wrestling with a bunch of stuff I found out that the heater core I ordered won’t fit cause the end tanks were too big. That was where everything got really annoying. I went to 4 other parts stores to find out everyone carries that same brand. Pretty fed up with everything I just settled with putting everyting back together with no heater for now and loop the lines. I really just didn’t want to have the car sit for however long it takes to find the proper one. I hate the fact that my heater doesn’t work now as it did before. But oh well. I threw it all back together in the following days and drove it to work on Thursday to see how everything was working on it.


Last night Arlynna had work till 10ish pm so I stopped by a hardware store and got a sheet of metal to make a heat sheild to go around my manifold to protect my Brake Master Cylinder. Came out whatever but it’ll do the trick.


When she got home she surprised me with an early Valentines Day gift! So stoked cause I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile now but have been procrastinating about getting it.



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