Valentines Weekend

For the weekend following valentines Arlynna and I rented a little cabin in a city called Three Rivers. It’s right at the base of the Sequoia National Park. We were like half a mile from the main entrance which was super awesome! The cabin was incredible. We were right along the river which was roaring thanks to all the rain we’ve been getting.

We got in around 7:30pm so sadly it was dark out and we couldn’t really see much. So we just ended up getting some pizza and playing phase 10!


But when we woke up the next morning for breakfast we were very much suprised with all the greenery and to be able to see the river that we herd roaring all night.



There was a cool resturant called “The Gateway” literally on the river. Which is were we had breakfast and rented tire chains for our drive up the mountain! (we didn’t even need them)  It was so pretty and exciting to see everything!



After about 30-40 minutes of driving we found snow! 17101576_1870223019670677_655882091_o


This led to us pulling off and building snowmen!


It started to snow kind of heavily and all we had was a little Nissan Versa for a rental so I figured it was time to get back down the mountain. It was close to getting dark too and I was hungry.

We tried a Mexican food place that was actually the worst food I’ve ever had . It was actually pretty funny. I got a horchata and it was so nasty. I couldn’t beleive how bad it was hahah it was like they made it with half and half. We ended up going back to the pizza place we had the night before.

The day we headed back home it was nice and bright out and we were able to see all the greenery we didn’t see on the way up. It was insane!



It was such an awesome weekend. We are planning to go back up with clearer weather so we can enjoy the near by hikes.


Stay tuned for more adventures and car updates very soon!




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