Time for a change.

Time to update everyone on the z. In the last month ish I pulled the SR out and parted it out to make room for something new…………


Finally time to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I loved the SR and really enjoyed it/learned a lot from it but felt I did it very impulsively. So time for a bit more power. Really really excited for this! It’s a RB25 NEO from a R34 GTT. Figured I can’t get a skyline so I’ll just make my car kind of one haha

The drive around the neighbor hood before pulling the engine.


aaaannnndddddd then it’s gone


I’ve already been collecting a decent amount of stuff for it. As well as changing up some other things on the z.

Sold off my Vertex wheel for a Nardi


Traded off my Blitz gauges for a set of Red Defi BF gauges. Boost is currently on it’s way.


Found this little gem on YAJ and couldn’t say no. Turns out it’s brand new too!!


Got this Greddy heat sheild at the same time even though I don’t have a turbo yet hahahah


This was actually the first thing I bought/showed up and I am very stoked on it to say the least……


This all showed up the same day as the engine. Tomei type B pro cams, Ferrea dual valve springs/titanium retainers/seats, ARP head studs, supertech valve seals, and cam seals.


Also! I started pulling the RB apart to find out that it came with these!


So stoked on these. I was planning to buy these so I just saved some money!

I’ll have some more updates soon as I get further into pulling the engine apart!






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