RB vol. 1

Lets get this going! Got the RB on a stand last Friday. Taking off the trans was exciting…….. thankfully it was not a mess though!


Then on Sunday I spent a decent amount of the day taking everything off the engine to prepare for pulling the head as well as selling off anything I don’t need.

Everything came off pretty much hassle free thankfully.


I need to get a pulley puller as well as the socket for the head studs and wrench for the cams.

Here’s all the stuff I’m keeping compared to what I’m not keeping hahah


Monday I got in my RB head oil chain kit from Franklin Engineering! Not saying the name is what made me buy it buuutttttttt…………….


I need to drill and tap to threads in the back of the head so I can pop this back of the “welch” plug as you can see in the middle of the head.


Today I got in a decent amount of gaskets that I need! I forgot to add in the oil strainer and front/rear main seals.


I also got these oil restrictors from TOMEI that go in the oil galleries that go from the sump to the head. Too much oil gets pumped to the head and then it doesn’t drain back fast enough hence this and the drain kit.



There are many MANY write ups on how to go about avoid the oiling issue. It’s suggested that you leave the front restrictor for the VTC alone then block the middle gallery and put a 1.5mm restrictor in the rear gallery. I didn’t feel too comfortable with blocking one so I went with a 1.25mm restrictor for the middle one and 1.5mm for the rear.

I’m trying to take all precautions with this engine to make it just right. As much as it’s killing me not being able to drive the Z. I’m enjoying this build a lot and am very very excited for all that I have planned.

I’ll have some more updates very soon!




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