RB. vol 4

Got the head back from the machine shop and they did an incredible job! Aaron over at Arlington Machine here in Riverside did such a good job and is an awesome dude.

Also last week or the week before. Can’t remember exactly I had ordered a valve spring compressor to help with putting the head back together as well as my headgaskey and timing belt. Both came in just the other day so we have a green light for reassembly!

I originally ordered a HKS headgasket but unfortunetally they are discontinued. I still got a great quality gasket so nothing to really stress about.

Took my oil pump about to measure the gears seeing as there are two different size oil pump gears depending on the year RB you have. I intended to replace the pump but after doing some research I thought it would be smarter to upgrade the gears in the pump than to just get a new pump. I’ll be ordering those in the next week or two.



After a little mix up (on my end) and measuring multiple times Scott at Koyo gladly assisted me in getting the proper size radiator for what I’m gonna be doing. Can’t thank him enough. I would use any other radiator. I had one with my VG and it was amazing as well as the one with my SR. Can’t beat their quality and efficiency.


Jakob at constant-collection.com helped me with getting some parts from Japan that were a little difficult to just air ship over here. Can’t thank him enough for throwing this stuff on his container for me.

I’m unsure of the brand for the cage but I’m really excited about it. I’m going to paint it black cause I feel like the blue will clash with all the red I have.

I got too excited and had to get a preview of how the covers will look so I mocked them up.


Unsure on the finish I’m gonna go with at the moment but I have some stuff in mind.

I have a lot of work to get started on this week and I’ll have new posts about it all soon!

Here is a cute picture of Arlynna and Oscar just cause.


and a silly one of Sebastian.


Thanks for reading!!


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