RB. Vol 5


Continuing on from my last post. Sadly I didn’t get all that I need to make Vol 5 the following week but here we are now and I have made progress!

With the head completely assembled, cams torqued, and clearances checked it’s time to mate it to the block.

Put in the headstuds, on the headgasket, and then head.

Torquing the head down was such a scary process hahaha but now it’s on and was time to install the cam gears and rb26 rear timing belt cover I got to match up with my valve covers/timing belt cover.

Moya had taken some neat photos while I was working on the engine.

June 19th was a big day. My amazing girlfriend Graduated with HONORS from University California Riverside with her Bacholers! I am insanely proud of her and all her hard work.


After the graduation we went home to enjoy this amazing brunch prepared by her step mom. Which we later burned off swimming in the pool to try and stay cool.


Later that week to celebrate we spent the evening at Disneyland with Allan, Nidia, and Moya. We also wanted to check out the new Guardians of the Galazy ride!


Back to the engine.

I got some paint stripper and began to redo the valve covers.


The paint came off almost instantly and made it so easy to clean them up.

The coil pack cover was another story seeing as it had been powder coated. But after a bit of scraping, stripping, and sanding I got it as clean as I could.


Liam and I were talking about what finish I should do on the covers for a while and we came to the conclusion polished would be most fitting cause it seemed to be the go to of a lot of highway dudes in Japan. I had thought about it some more and thought about the maintenance it would take to keep them nice so I ended up changing my mind. I did some looking around at R chassis engine bays to see that a good amount of Top Secret customer cars had this really nice dark blue on their covers. I headed to a local parts store and looked around their paints and came across a blue I felt was closest to it.

I am so happy with the color and how great it came out. A bit obsessed actually as you will be able to tell with all the pictures.

and then in the sun light


My water pump and timing belt components came in finally. I went and got new hardware for the waterpump cause I actually missplaced the original hardware. Not mad seeing as I feel it looks a bit nicer. At this time I cleaned up some other parts such as my coil packs, CAS bracket, and a few other accessories to bolt back on.

I’m so happy with how clean everything is and how nice everything looks. It’s just how I wanted it.

Bolted up the oil drain to the back of the head. Now I need fire sleeve for the line that goes to the oil pan as well as get the bung welded to the pan.


The oil pump gears showed up so it’s finally time to put in back together and get the whole front section of the engine bolted down.

Assembly time.

Gear installed and lubed. As well as new hardware loctite’d in. Time to bolt it on to the block and install the front main seal.


Crank gear, timing belt pulleys, and timing belt installed.

In the midst of doing this through the week. Arlynna and I had a nice coffee date at Philz in Huntington Beach. Which led to our now obsession with their Moch Tesora.


Later in the week. I want to say on friday my mines valve cover baffles came in.


These things are so nice.

Old baffles vs. new

Went and bought new hardware to replace the old rounded out philips screws. Also a drill and tap for the two extro holes for the mines baffles.


Put in the new valve cover gaskets but before that I double checked the torque specs on the Intake came gear and Crank pulley with the help of my buddy David. Then spun the engine a numerous amount of times to make sure nothing was interfering with each other and all went smoothly.

When I went and got the hardware for the baffles I also got new hardware for my valve covers and Timing cover. I’m very very happy with how everything is looking. Just how I envisioned it.

Not sure if it’s easy to tell but I had also wire wheeled a good amount of pieces to bring them back to looking new-ish. Like the CAS bracket, intake geart, alternator, etc. I really need to get aftermarket pulleys cause they are the only parts looking aged and not cool.


Well that’s everything for now! Thanks for stopping by and hope to have more stuff to look at soon!


Also here are a few photos of the Z I don’t think I ever posted.



2 thoughts on “RB. Vol 5

  1. jyw0rld July 19, 2017 / 1:23 pm

    some great progress here!

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