Not much.

Really don’t have much to post about. Currently saving/paying off some credit cards. I’ve done little things. I had to order two adaptors to fit a 1/8 npt. One for my radiator for the swirl pot and one for my oil filter relocation that I just realized I never posted.

I sold my original GREX one cause an HKS one popped up on YAJ and I just couldn’t help myself cause I love HKS.

I finally got around to painting my front wheels. Very pleased with how they came out!

Ordered a new badge for my intake manifold since the other one was very dull and I really like the new syle one.

This last weekend I finally stopped being lazy and cleaned/organized my work space.


When I last visited Jakob ( He had these cool Man Spirit gloves that I wanted. At the time I didn’t have the extra cash for them but in my favor they never sold so I bought them. Very excited to see how they feel with the suede nardi!


Aside from that everything is kind of on hold. Arlynna and I head back to Canada on the 12th for a friends wedding. I’m so freakin stoked! For both seeing my friend getting married and for adventure.


Some normal life stuff. My oldest cousin just got married this past month as well. Arlynna helped me with actually getting formally dressed. As well as to awkwardly dance for a little bit.

Can’t forget to post some pics of the animals!


That’s it for now but hopefully I’ll have some stuff to post about by the end of the month!


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