RB vol. 5 Christmas Edition

Tis the season!

Been holding off on updating till I got to a point where I felt it would be a nice long post with a good amount of updates.

Seeing as it is the Christmas season it’s pretty much a no brainer that we spent some time at Disneyland.

Also did some decorating around the house!

The Pups joined in on the fun too

Then came the tree!

I decided to put the aero back on the Z seeing as it’s been awhile and I hadn’t seen it all on with the CE’s. I’m very excited for the new look.

With Christmas shopping pretty much all done before November I made sure to take advantage of all the sales I could black friday for the Z.

Definitely got in a good amount of stuff.

Sard RJ fuel pressure regulator, Billions thermostat, Walboro 485 fuel pump, New OEM battery harness, mount kit (second hand), innovate wideband, and my Wiring harness!


Of course finally having the mount kit meant the engine and trans needed to go in ASAP. Time to get to test fitting and organizing where everythings gonna go before painting it.

and here’s the fun stuff that finally came in that was kind of holding back this update……..

Some detailed pictures of the 6Boost manifold. It’s so quality

T4 divided flange and 50mm wastegate port. Pictures don’t do this manifold justce. It’s so freakin nice. I’m so stoked on it.

Did a little cleaning and polishing on the turbo and intercooler.

Getting the T04Z was pretty surreal. It has been a dream turbo of mine for a long time. I talked about putting an RB in the Z with a T04Z for years. I remeber finally looking in to it and finding out that they were discontinued and getting super bummed. Then this guy popped up and I was on the fence at first seeing as it’s such a large turbo and who knows what it’s been through. But I emailed a compant called Boostlabs and they said they have no problems rebuilding them! The person proceeded to repost the turbo and it got to a price that I couldn’t say no to and took the chance!

It has almost no shaft play! I’m so happy with it and can’t wait to send it to them to have it looked over.

Fitted it to the engine as Arlynna did some studying and all I could do was stand there in disbeliefe.


LOTS of room to display the wastegate.


After doing this I started spacing out where exactly I want my FPR, Swirl Pot, and Oil relocation.

Now I need to order a wastegate and then take the car to have all the piping done. Probably won’t be for a few weeks seeing as I spend so much on all of this stuff hahah but the car is only getting closer! I’m really excited for how everything is coming along.

Until Next time have a Merry Christmas!!


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