RB vol. 6

Got in another collection of parts!

First up is my HKS GTII 50mm wastegate

Super excited to match my Wastegate and turbo! This thing is so huge hahaha




After getting the engine in the car I realized I didn’t have the space I was thinking I would have for my radiator. After a bit of research I was really bummed to find out Koyo didn’t have anything I could use. So it was back to the drawing board.

After a few card board templetes I found a Griffin radiator that would fit!

Here’s a very rough mock up. The in and outlet will be cut and angled and the filler neck with be cut and welded shut. I’m waiting till I get it in it’s permanent spot to get fans for it.


After my last blog post I sent the T04Z to be inspected/rebuilt and it’s already back!

Words can’t describe how excited I am to have a technically brand new HKS T04Z. I can’t wait to hear what it sounds like match up with the wastegate.

Sitting next to the wastegate so you can get a better idea of the size.


Had to put it back on the manifold so I can sit and look at it.


With the rebuild I ordered a new oil restrictor and Boostlabs suggested this Vibrant adjustable restrictor. Now I’m just waiting on an email back from Garrett to see what would best fit my turbo/engine set up.

One of the many many incredible Christmas gifts Arlynna got me was new rear speakers! Finally having rear enclosures meant I needed something to fill them with.

After getting them installed it was time to get the new fuel pump.

Side by side comparison of the 255 to the 485.


Good ol’ California fuel……….. this is after about 3 years. Guess I should start checking it a lot more often.


All hooked up and ready to go in.


After getting that fitted an put back in the tank I got to re doing the wiring on my gauges. Also got my wideband hooked up.


Really excited with having all red gauges.

That’s everything for now. Thanks for reading!


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