Late Valentines

I very much lagged on making this post. I looked at all the pictures we took and got very overwhelmed haha BUT I am finally commited to it.

The last weekend of Feburary Arlynna and I stayed in Three Rivers/King Canyon for a late Valentines. We did a lot of relaxing, exploring, and cooking as you will notice in all of the pictures below.

The airbnb wegot was right along this nice peaceful river with this neat little swing bench where we enjoyed our coffee. Arlynna and I finally gave it a shot and made our own curry! I mean we did use packaged curry but you get the idea haha. It was actually really freakin good! We will definitely be making more in the near future.

We got super lucky with the weather as well as traffic. We started to make our way up in to Kings Canyon and there was like no one there as well as it started to snow pretty heavily which made it that much more enjoyable!

I’m gonna stop typing now and let all the pictures do the talking.


We are now two weeks away from our Japan trip and I am losing my mind. Everything is all booked and ready to go. It’s really happening and I am beyond stoked.

Arlynna will be taking her lap top so I’m gonna do daily updates to avoid getting backed up like I did with this little weekend trip hahah

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!

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