Japan Day 1 ish

We just wrapped up our first full day in Japan and as I was expecting I am speechless. But let me take a step back and post real quick about the day we flew out.

We flew out of LAX via ANA. We got this pretty neat Star Wars themed plane.

The horrible uber ride to the airport.


Patiently waiting.

On the plane!

Although the plane ride was insanely long it came with great food.

Some snacks.





Then “breakfast”


Finally arrived!


After getting the rental and taking us around the airport 2 or 3 times cause I had no idea what I was doing we made it in to town.

First car spotting.


Made it to the airbnb and checked out the toilets haha

Went roaming about the area and got some incredible ramen!


Then had to make a stop by 7 eleven for Nathans famous “coolish”. They are actually really good!


That was the end of our night. Went back to the airbnb and fell asleep after being up for way too many hours.

We woke up really early the next time and decided on going out in the pouring rain to get some breakfast.

We ended up at “Jonathans Cafe” and it was delicious. I got this amazing french toast.


Roaming around in the rain.



Sekinei showed up and it was time for…………..





I was losing my freaking mind. It was so cool!!

The restroom was pretty freakin adorable too.

Made our way back outside. Where we continued to find more cute little things.

My winnings to take home and add to my collection.

From here we walked back to the airbnb where Sekinei helped us with calling the car rental place asking if we could return it cause we had realized it is way too expensive to have a car in the area.

This was parked right next to our rental.

Returned the rental and headed out for lunch.

Spotted this neat thing on the way.



Delicious curry for lunch.


Cat Cafe in Harajuku!!

Now to the train station where we were assisted by this insanely nice lady cause we were so lost on what to do. I was dumbfounded by how nice she was. She walked us two blocks to the proper station we were suppose to be at and showed us how to get our tickets and what not. It was unbelievable. Japan has restored my hope in humanity.

Rested for a little bit and walked around the area for something to eat.

We settle for some Mcdonalds to take back to the airbnb. It’s pretty good compared to American Mcdonalds!


That was our first day and a half.

We had so much damn fun. Now we are getting ready to head to the train station to make our way to Tokyo Disney with Park. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to come back for more of the trip!

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