Japan Day 4

Was so excited for today cause Arlynna and I were going to make the trip out to Chiba for Top Secret!

First we needed some breakfast.

We had passed a coffee place called “Oslo Coffee” a few times heading to the train station so we figured why not try it. Turns out it was really good!

We ended up getting their ice’d coffee everyday after from the to go window.

Then started our hour train ride to Chiba!

We thought we had the bus’s figured but we were very wrong hahah We got on what was labeled the “02” bus, but it was taking in the opposite direction of what our maps said. In a bit of panic we got off. Right when we got off the very nice R34 pictured below drove by. After dabbling with different buses we figured out we were on the “east” station side and we needed to be on the “west” side.

Outside of the West Side station was this very clean R32 sedan.

While on the bus I spotted some really cool stuff but didn’t pull my phone out in time. I did thankfully get a picture of this guy.

We got off the bus and saw a 7/11 so I thought it was an appropriate time for some chicken!

Some coolish to wash it down!


Outside of 7/11 was this nice SW20. The owner was very kind and let me take some pictures of it.


The cars/shells parked outside.

Walked back to the store front…. this is where I went a little wild…..

Waiting at the bus station.

Things to add to my collection.

Cool view from one of the connecting train stations.


The Shibuya Crossing!!


We of course had to go and pay our respects to all of the Good Boys and Girls out there at the Hachiko Statue.


Spotted this pretty neat Subaru.

Cool streets we had walked through.

That wraps up our Saturday in Japan! Going through more of the pictures and getting everything organized for the next posts.

Thanks for looking!

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