Japan Day 5

This day was spent being tourists.

We took the train to Akihabra which is very well known for anime stuff. Although anime isn’t really my thing we were in Japan and I was down to go anywhere and everywhere.


After walking a bit I looked up and noticed there was another cat cafe!

We couldn’t NOT go in….

We spent a good amount of time in there and then decided to go back out to walk around some more.

Headed to a food court and go this delicious roasted garlic ramen.

Back on the train to go to Tokyo Dome for some gnarly rollercoaster. (I didn’t go on cause I’m weenie hut jr.)

Walking around and we found ourselves in this gorgeous park.

Time for dinner and since it was just .25 of a mile away we had to go.

It was just the same as back home! We watched George and Jon sweat it out as they suffered through spicy level 5 as we enjoyed our spicy level 2 hahaha

Walking down the street enjoying the scenery.

Came across this cool looking JZX. On our walk.

Last thing we saw before getting back to our airbnb was this cool Lotus.

Thanks you stopping by and taking a look!

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