Japan Day 6

Came across this little crepe stand in the train station and figured why not try it!

We then arrived at this beautiful park in Shibuya. It was crazy to see these super well kept parks/monuments in the middle of large cities.

Spotted a little kitty cat across the way.


Went out and enjoyed the city.

What it took to get the roof top photos.



Arlynna bought me some goodies as a birthday gift cause she’s the best ❤


Snacked on some gyoza at a gyoza and beer specific restaurant.

IMG_7448 Arlynna and I were still hungry and found out that a Ichiran Ramen we really close by! So we had to go.

It was so damn good!! Easily one of the best ramen I’ve ever had.

Had to walk off he extra noodles that I got.


Best sign ever.


Random car spots of the day.

Just walking around in Japan you see and experience so much. It’s so incredible. I feel in love with everything we saw.

I feel bad for taking so long making these post but thankfully I am getting it done.

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