Japan Day 7

This day we had made our way over to Ueno park to see the beautiful flowers and incredible historic monuments they have.


Such a peaceful and quiet place. Which is crazy cause it’s in the middle of the city, but somehow it seems as though all surroundings disappear.

At the other end of the park was the Tokyo National History Museum. We felt it was a must to get more of an experience/open our eyes of this city/country we had all just fallen in love with.


There were no photos allowed in the actual museum sadly. But understandable. Everything was preserved and displayed so beautifully.

Thankfully we did get to take pictures of the lovely gardens in the back!


After being mesmerized by everything in the gardens and museum we wanted to eat.

I wanted to find some good street Yakitori.

Quick maps search and a few blocks later we found ourselves here!

IMG_7558 I was a bit worried of the language barrier but the amazing lady working they’re spoke really good english!

This is one of like 4 plates I had….


As we were leaving this fellow passed us with an interesting pet on his shoulders.


Time to walk off the food and enjoy the city.



Some train station vending machine snacks! (the boba milk tea was not good)


Cute little sign saying what will happen if you don’t pay the proper ticket amount or your train pass doesn’t have enough on it to pay. (I’m assuming that cause it happened to me hahaha)


Heading back to the airbnb.


When we got out of the station we saw this little cutie and the owner was super nice and had her pose for us hahaha


Got some rest and then headed out to walk around for a bit and enjoy our last night.


The final walk back to the airbnb. Saw a few interesting cars.

Looking back on all these photos isn’t helping me get over how much I miss and love Japan. But what it is doing is inspiring me to do whatever I can to get back there as well as to improve myself and make more of an effort on whatever I am doing. Not that it should take a trip around the world to do that. It’s just after seeing people going above and beyond for their neighbor or a stranger was something I hadn’t experienced much of back here in California.

That goes for the amount of passion everyone I met had for everything they had or did or do. There was no sense of anyone being conceited. Just joy for all that was around them. I want everyone to experience that so they can take it home and pass it along.

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