RB vol. 7

* * * BIG UPDATE * * *

Getting right back to the z now that we are done vacationing for a bit!

Made no hesitation on ordering parts once I got back hahaha.

First on the list were. Sard Oil Catch can, Sard coolant overflow, and a Billions power steering can.

Really just trying to dazzle up the engine bay as much as I can but I just realized I’m running out of space haha

After ordering these I decided it was time to get the fab work needed out of the way. I emailed Chris at Wisecraft Fabrication and we set up a day to take the Z over.

Before loading it up I needed to clean all the dust off it and take care of a few things.

Shelby giving me a hand.


Arlynna helping me with the wash ❤


Stopped for coffee on the way to drop off the Z.


Within 24 hours he had already gotten the Downpipe and waste gate all done up.

His work is so damn good.

Got so stoked seeing the heat sheild on there and the wastegate mounted where you can clearly see it.

Just days later he called me up and said everything was ready. The excitment was REAL.

Heading home!

Now to show off Chris (wisecraft fabrication)’s work.

Everything was done to such perfection.

The bumper support with the mounting tabs for the intercooler. The 02 bung tucked away. Vband on the throttle body. I couldn’t be happier with the out come. Very VERY happy I took the car to him.

Shelby approved!


I also made another change to the interior for the last time hahah

While in Japan I noticed A LOT of cars that I had idolized had personal steering wheels. I felt it suited the z’s interior so much more than the nardi classic. Thankfully a good friend Scott had the exact personal wheel I was looking for and I had the nardi he was looking for so we made the swap.

Really happy with the choice.



Got in a few more parts.


Blitz filter.


and then….. IMG_8004

ORC twin disk!

Can not wait for these noises!!

I am now currently working on getting little accessories fitted such as the coolant overflow, oil catch can, and power steering reservoir. I also am sorting out my radiator situation so I’ll have that posted up soon!

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