Japan Day 1 ish

We just wrapped up our first full day in Japan and as I was expecting I am speechless. But let me take a step back and post real quick about the day we flew out.

We flew out of LAX via ANA. We got this pretty neat Star Wars themed plane.

The horrible uber ride to the airport.


Patiently waiting.

On the plane!

Although the plane ride was insanely long it came with great food.

Some snacks.





Then “breakfast”


Finally arrived!


After getting the rental and taking us around the airport 2 or 3 times cause I had no idea what I was doing we made it in to town.

First car spotting.


Made it to the airbnb and checked out the toilets haha

Went roaming about the area and got some incredible ramen!


Then had to make a stop by 7 eleven for Nathans famous “coolish”. They are actually really good!


That was the end of our night. Went back to the airbnb and fell asleep after being up for way too many hours.

We woke up really early the next time and decided on going out in the pouring rain to get some breakfast.

We ended up at “Jonathans Cafe” and it was delicious. I got this amazing french toast.


Roaming around in the rain.



Sekinei showed up and it was time for…………..





I was losing my freaking mind. It was so cool!!

The restroom was pretty freakin adorable too.

Made our way back outside. Where we continued to find more cute little things.

My winnings to take home and add to my collection.

From here we walked back to the airbnb where Sekinei helped us with calling the car rental place asking if we could return it cause we had realized it is way too expensive to have a car in the area.

This was parked right next to our rental.

Returned the rental and headed out for lunch.

Spotted this neat thing on the way.



Delicious curry for lunch.


Cat Cafe in Harajuku!!

Now to the train station where we were assisted by this insanely nice lady cause we were so lost on what to do. I was dumbfounded by how nice she was. She walked us two blocks to the proper station we were suppose to be at and showed us how to get our tickets and what not. It was unbelievable. Japan has restored my hope in humanity.

Rested for a little bit and walked around the area for something to eat.

We settle for some Mcdonalds to take back to the airbnb. It’s pretty good compared to American Mcdonalds!


That was our first day and a half.

We had so much damn fun. Now we are getting ready to head to the train station to make our way to Tokyo Disney with Park. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to come back for more of the trip!


Cody’s Fault

The events that took place in this post are Cody’s fault.

About 2 ish weeks ago Cody shared a IG post with me about a set of GT-C’s.

For those who don’t know. I have a real big soft spot for them. I had a set a long time ago in horrible sizes and got rid of them. Ever since I had always wanted another set but never came across one I was happy with.

After seeing the set Cody linked me to (a square 17×9 set with face 2) I couldn’t help but instantly post my CE’s for sale in hopes to get them. In the process of me listing them Jimmy messaged me about his friend Aarons 17×9/18×9 all face 2 as well. Around 48 hours later I sold the CE’s. In that time I kept going back and forth with which set I’d get.

Looking back at my model 5’s I realized how much I loved 17/18. Now I’m the happy owner of a set of 17/18 GT-C’s!


Late Valentines

I very much lagged on making this post. I looked at all the pictures we took and got very overwhelmed haha BUT I am finally commited to it.

The last weekend of Feburary Arlynna and I stayed in Three Rivers/King Canyon for a late Valentines. We did a lot of relaxing, exploring, and cooking as you will notice in all of the pictures below.

The airbnb wegot was right along this nice peaceful river with this neat little swing bench where we enjoyed our coffee. Arlynna and I finally gave it a shot and made our own curry! I mean we did use packaged curry but you get the idea haha. It was actually really freakin good! We will definitely be making more in the near future.

We got super lucky with the weather as well as traffic. We started to make our way up in to Kings Canyon and there was like no one there as well as it started to snow pretty heavily which made it that much more enjoyable!

I’m gonna stop typing now and let all the pictures do the talking.


We are now two weeks away from our Japan trip and I am losing my mind. Everything is all booked and ready to go. It’s really happening and I am beyond stoked.

Arlynna will be taking her lap top so I’m gonna do daily updates to avoid getting backed up like I did with this little weekend trip hahah

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!


Sadly this has been the z the last few months. Arlynna and I are currently planning a trip to Japan at the end of April so I’m trying to do my best in saving money till then. It’s really difficult cause I want to get the z running so bad but I’ve also been dreaming of going to Japan for so long. So putting off buying parts for a couple months it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.


Caught the pups cuddling up when I walked in to the garage.


This last Sunday Arlynna and I went out to the beach to hang out and enjoy the sunset which didn’t disappoint.

Tomorrow we are heading up to Three Rivers to stay a couple of days in a nice little airbnb and just relax/enjoy the snow. So if that interests anyone come back and take a look at the pictures from that!

RB vol. 6

Got in another collection of parts!

First up is my HKS GTII 50mm wastegate

Super excited to match my Wastegate and turbo! This thing is so huge hahaha




After getting the engine in the car I realized I didn’t have the space I was thinking I would have for my radiator. After a bit of research I was really bummed to find out Koyo didn’t have anything I could use. So it was back to the drawing board.

After a few card board templetes I found a Griffin radiator that would fit!

Here’s a very rough mock up. The in and outlet will be cut and angled and the filler neck with be cut and welded shut. I’m waiting till I get it in it’s permanent spot to get fans for it.


After my last blog post I sent the T04Z to be inspected/rebuilt and it’s already back!

Words can’t describe how excited I am to have a technically brand new HKS T04Z. I can’t wait to hear what it sounds like match up with the wastegate.

Sitting next to the wastegate so you can get a better idea of the size.


Had to put it back on the manifold so I can sit and look at it.


With the rebuild I ordered a new oil restrictor and Boostlabs suggested this Vibrant adjustable restrictor. Now I’m just waiting on an email back from Garrett to see what would best fit my turbo/engine set up.

One of the many many incredible Christmas gifts Arlynna got me was new rear speakers! Finally having rear enclosures meant I needed something to fill them with.

After getting them installed it was time to get the new fuel pump.

Side by side comparison of the 255 to the 485.


Good ol’ California fuel……….. this is after about 3 years. Guess I should start checking it a lot more often.


All hooked up and ready to go in.


After getting that fitted an put back in the tank I got to re doing the wiring on my gauges. Also got my wideband hooked up.


Really excited with having all red gauges.

That’s everything for now. Thanks for reading!

RB vol. 5 Christmas Edition

Tis the season!

Been holding off on updating till I got to a point where I felt it would be a nice long post with a good amount of updates.

Seeing as it is the Christmas season it’s pretty much a no brainer that we spent some time at Disneyland.

Also did some decorating around the house!

The Pups joined in on the fun too

Then came the tree!

I decided to put the aero back on the Z seeing as it’s been awhile and I hadn’t seen it all on with the CE’s. I’m very excited for the new look.

With Christmas shopping pretty much all done before November I made sure to take advantage of all the sales I could black friday for the Z.

Definitely got in a good amount of stuff.

Sard RJ fuel pressure regulator, Billions thermostat, Walboro 485 fuel pump, New OEM battery harness, mount kit (second hand), innovate wideband, and my Wiring harness!


Of course finally having the mount kit meant the engine and trans needed to go in ASAP. Time to get to test fitting and organizing where everythings gonna go before painting it.

and here’s the fun stuff that finally came in that was kind of holding back this update……..

Some detailed pictures of the 6Boost manifold. It’s so quality

T4 divided flange and 50mm wastegate port. Pictures don’t do this manifold justce. It’s so freakin nice. I’m so stoked on it.

Did a little cleaning and polishing on the turbo and intercooler.

Getting the T04Z was pretty surreal. It has been a dream turbo of mine for a long time. I talked about putting an RB in the Z with a T04Z for years. I remeber finally looking in to it and finding out that they were discontinued and getting super bummed. Then this guy popped up and I was on the fence at first seeing as it’s such a large turbo and who knows what it’s been through. But I emailed a compant called Boostlabs and they said they have no problems rebuilding them! The person proceeded to repost the turbo and it got to a price that I couldn’t say no to and took the chance!

It has almost no shaft play! I’m so happy with it and can’t wait to send it to them to have it looked over.

Fitted it to the engine as Arlynna did some studying and all I could do was stand there in disbeliefe.


LOTS of room to display the wastegate.


After doing this I started spacing out where exactly I want my FPR, Swirl Pot, and Oil relocation.

Now I need to order a wastegate and then take the car to have all the piping done. Probably won’t be for a few weeks seeing as I spend so much on all of this stuff hahah but the car is only getting closer! I’m really excited for how everything is coming along.

Until Next time have a Merry Christmas!!