RB vol. 4.5

Memorial Day weekend was nice. Got an extra day off which was very much needed.

Sunday I took the dogs to Arlynnas to swim and celebrate her Dad’s birthday. Fun fact: Shelby loves to swim. As you can tell from the following pictures.

Lady more just likes to hang out and enjoy the scenary.

We spend most of the day swimming and relaxing. Enjoyed good BBQ and that was it. It was an amazing day.

Monday I got to work on the RB. I grabbed the valves, valve springs, retainers, new shims to replace the ones I lost, and valve seals and got to work.

Started with installing the valve seals which went as easy as it should have. With a little bit of oil they slipped right on.

Next. I pulled out the valve compressor and got to installing the the springs and valves. I was a bit confused at first but after doing the first valve I got the hang of it.

Everything is looking real nice and clean. I love it. So excited for how everything is coming together.


I only got as far as installing the springs and valves. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get the cams in to check the clearances and pop the head on.

Tucked away till I get back to it.


I test fitted the cage because I was really excited about it as well as I was nervous about it being for another chassis. Like a 2+2 or a Slick top but it fit in just fine! It’s snug but that’s because it’s on the carpet and not bolted in.

I was originally thinking of painting it black but to be honest I really like the blue now hahah I’m gonna leave it that way for a little bit.

Phil stopped by while I was doing all this to the Z and once I finished up we went and ate then went over to his house to tinker with his car.

He just got these cool 13″ SSR’s.

He’s in the process of doing some body work and getting it ready to paint soon. Really looking forward to it’s next stage!


Also I made this one “4.5” cause I only got half of the work done to the things I worked on this weekend haha hopefully next week I’ll have vol “5” complete!

RB. vol 4

Got the head back from the machine shop and they did an incredible job! Aaron over at Arlington Machine here in Riverside did such a good job and is an awesome dude.

Also last week or the week before. Can’t remember exactly I had ordered a valve spring compressor to help with putting the head back together as well as my headgaskey and timing belt. Both came in just the other day so we have a green light for reassembly!

I originally ordered a HKS headgasket but unfortunetally they are discontinued. I still got a great quality gasket so nothing to really stress about.

Took my oil pump about to measure the gears seeing as there are two different size oil pump gears depending on the year RB you have. I intended to replace the pump but after doing some research I thought it would be smarter to upgrade the gears in the pump than to just get a new pump. I’ll be ordering those in the next week or two.



After a little mix up (on my end) and measuring multiple times Scott at Koyo gladly assisted me in getting the proper size radiator for what I’m gonna be doing. Can’t thank him enough. I would use any other radiator. I had one with my VG and it was amazing as well as the one with my SR. Can’t beat their quality and efficiency.


Jakob at constant-collection.com helped me with getting some parts from Japan that were a little difficult to just air ship over here. Can’t thank him enough for throwing this stuff on his container for me.

I’m unsure of the brand for the cage but I’m really excited about it. I’m going to paint it black cause I feel like the blue will clash with all the red I have.

I got too excited and had to get a preview of how the covers will look so I mocked them up.


Unsure on the finish I’m gonna go with at the moment but I have some stuff in mind.

I have a lot of work to get started on this week and I’ll have new posts about it all soon!

Here is a cute picture of Arlynna and Oscar just cause.


and a silly one of Sebastian.


Thanks for reading!!


Sunday was quiet for me. My dad has been redoing the floors in our house and he has been cutting the wood in garage so I’ve had a tarp on the z. But he finished up so I finally got the tarp off the Z, swept up all the dust, and cranked the compressor to 100psi to blow out any little creatures that could be crawling around under it.

After doing that and throwing out any trash laying around I washed and waxed it. Kind of pointless seeing as it’s on jack stands but can’t stand to see it all dusty when it still only has one year old paint.

This is what it looks like at the moment. untitleduntitled1

RB vol. 3

Some more taring apart and parts collecting!

David came by on a sunday and assisted me in taking the head apart seeing as I’ve never  done so before and turned out to be really easy! Although I am a bit concerned with putting the new springs back in cause they are suppose to be stiffer than the stock ones.

We also cleaned up and did a quick valve lap to clean off some off the carbon.

I cleaned off more of the head gasket from the block and flipped the engine to take a look at the internals.

Everything checks out to be very clean!

Later in the day I went and bought a tap and die to fit the head drain kit. This was horribly nerve racking but I did it!


Now that that is all apart I’m hoping to get the head to the machine shop in the next week or two.

I kind of impulsively sold my rear model 5’s cause they were only 18×9 and I want something wider and possibly in a 17. They sold really quick and then somehow I ended up selling my fronts within the next 36 hours too hahaha I had other wheels in mind that I wanted but just think I’d make the jump so quickly.

After a bit of looking around I decided on CE28’s! I’m really really excited for this set up!! I got them as seperate pairs but will be having them all painted silver.

All were posted and labeled “GTR size” and included the cars they came off which was really cool. The bronze pair came off a midnight purple r33 and the silver pair off a grey r32.

Browsing through an rb facebook group I came across something I couldn’t say no to and thankfully he still had it cause the listing was from like 4 months ago.


This worked out perfect casue A. it’s Top Secret and B. cause I didn’t have a 26 coil pack cover. I only got a pair of valve covers.

Last weekend was my birthday. I just turned 25. I feel old but at the same time I don’t hahah

My incredible girlfriend planned this awesome day for us.

It started at breakfast at a cafe right on the beach in Crystal Cove. It was so freakin nice and the food was amazing!! In the middle of our meal the manager came out and rang a bell to give us a heads up that there were about 7 dolphines playing in the ocean just hundres of feet from us. It was really cool.

From here we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was oddly packed but we still had a really nice time! I sadly only took dumb snapchat videos and no pictures to post hahaha

The day ended with us going back home to have a pizza party with my two sisters, their boyfriends, and my dad. It was a really great night. We all just hung out, talked, watched some TV, and played card games which turned out to be way funnier than it should have been hahahaha

Arlynna and a few of my good friends put together a small dinner for me at a local KBBQ place where they had surprised me with a few amazing gifts for the RB that I had on my rhdjapan wishlist!


A clear HPI RB26 timing belt cover. I’ve always loved these things hahaha

HKS exhaust cam gear!!


I’m keeping the stock VTC gear so I only needed the one gear.

and also a SARD fuel rail!

I am so freakin stoked on these parts and am so thankful to have such an amazing Girlfriend and awesome friends. Thank You Arlynna, Moya, James, and Steven. You are all the best.

I was bored in the garage one night so I started to sort my interior again. Figured out where I want to place my Defi control unit and put my gauges back up to look at them hahaha


After doing that for like a whole 30 minutes I decided to stop procrastinating and organize/clean my work area.


Thats it for now. I’ll keep everyone posted on what happens next!

RB Vol.2

Got further into pull the RB apart. Everything is continuing to go smoothly. Very thankful for that.

Last Monday I got my RB25 bellhousing and popped it on my VG trans. So glad my trans set up was easier to go about this time around. Also that I get to keep my existing trans. It wasn’t difficult to make the VG trans work on the SR but still. I didn’t have to have anything machined or buy and adapter and what not. BUT I will be taking the trans in to get rebuilt so it’s nice and fresh.

It is in desperate need of cleaning too.

Forgot to mention before that I got the larger solenoid for my boost controller. In the blitz manual it’s suggested for high boost applications to get the Dual solenoid. Figured I didn’t want to chance it so I found one and scooped it up!


Tuesday night Arlynna, Moya, and I went to Disney for a few hours. We rode Autopia and Arlynnas cart was way faster than mine…………..


Me trying to follow.


and then she was gone.

Wednesday night I pulled off the crank pulley and water pump to get a look inside.

Really surprised with how clean it was! Only a little bit of rusty brown water in it. Seeing as it’s iron block I was expecting a decent amount more. Gonna pull the Oil pump and pan off very soon too once I flip the engine.

I pulled out the exhaust studs too cause I wanted to get fresh ones. Theese actually appeared to be very clean but figured why not.

Thursday I took the day off to renew my license and have a nice day date with Arlynna. We went and played some mini golf that you can see Arlynna takes very seriously.


Had someone decide to hop in mid game……………. get it….. hop…… in………


After this we went and ordered two plates from Coco Ichibanya to go so we could hang out on the beach and enjoy the weather.


Friday I got in my Boost Gauge to complete my set as well as my new TOP SECRET shift knob!

I am way too damn excited on the shift knob. Waited 2 ish months for it to come in hahah


Sunday I placed the gauges how I am going to run them and put on the shift knob. I am REALLY excited with my interior now.


After messing with this Arlynna and I made our way to San Diego to meet up with friends and see Davids Photo Gallery.

Davids awesome Starlet.


Arlynna having fun with someones adorable corgi hahaha


and since we were in San Diego we obviously went to Tacos El Gordo.


Went to Lowes yesterday to pick up a large enough wrench to hold the cams and the socket to get the headbolts off.


Then the real fun began.

Covers off.


Cams out. 17522497_1916329575060021_1752369330_o

I took the cams out cause I figured it would make life easier cause I wouldn’t have to worry about setting it down and bending a valve or trying to loosen the cam gear bolts with nothing to hold it down. Really glad I did this.

PRESTO. The head is off.


Hardly an build up if any on the valves and pistons! Cylinder walls look real good. Now to clean up/spray the block so it looks nice and send the head to be decked. I also need to order a head gasket. Hopefully this week or next.

After pulling the head I wanted to match up the TOMEI oil restrictor to the stock ones and turns out NEO engines already came with small restrictors! I had read that having to do the oil restrictor mod wasn’t always neccessary. So I got lucky!


Don’t know if I said anything about it before but when I got the engine it looked like the CAS had been smashed into something so I emailed the importer and they had me send the old one back so they could send me a newer not broken one.


That’s it for now. Will post up soon with new stuff!


RB vol. 1

Lets get this going! Got the RB on a stand last Friday. Taking off the trans was exciting…….. thankfully it was not a mess though!


Then on Sunday I spent a decent amount of the day taking everything off the engine to prepare for pulling the head as well as selling off anything I don’t need.

Everything came off pretty much hassle free thankfully.


I need to get a pulley puller as well as the socket for the head studs and wrench for the cams.

Here’s all the stuff I’m keeping compared to what I’m not keeping hahah


Monday I got in my RB head oil chain kit from Franklin Engineering! Not saying the name is what made me buy it buuutttttttt…………….


I need to drill and tap to threads in the back of the head so I can pop this back of the “welch” plug as you can see in the middle of the head.


Today I got in a decent amount of gaskets that I need! I forgot to add in the oil strainer and front/rear main seals.


I also got these oil restrictors from TOMEI that go in the oil galleries that go from the sump to the head. Too much oil gets pumped to the head and then it doesn’t drain back fast enough hence this and the drain kit.



There are many MANY write ups on how to go about avoid the oiling issue. It’s suggested that you leave the front restrictor for the VTC alone then block the middle gallery and put a 1.5mm restrictor in the rear gallery. I didn’t feel too comfortable with blocking one so I went with a 1.25mm restrictor for the middle one and 1.5mm for the rear.

I’m trying to take all precautions with this engine to make it just right. As much as it’s killing me not being able to drive the Z. I’m enjoying this build a lot and am very very excited for all that I have planned.

I’ll have some more updates very soon!



Time for a change.

Time to update everyone on the z. In the last month ish I pulled the SR out and parted it out to make room for something new…………


Finally time to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I loved the SR and really enjoyed it/learned a lot from it but felt I did it very impulsively. So time for a bit more power. Really really excited for this! It’s a RB25 NEO from a R34 GTT. Figured I can’t get a skyline so I’ll just make my car kind of one haha

The drive around the neighbor hood before pulling the engine.


aaaannnndddddd then it’s gone


I’ve already been collecting a decent amount of stuff for it. As well as changing up some other things on the z.

Sold off my Vertex wheel for a Nardi


Traded off my Blitz gauges for a set of Red Defi BF gauges. Boost is currently on it’s way.


Found this little gem on YAJ and couldn’t say no. Turns out it’s brand new too!!


Got this Greddy heat sheild at the same time even though I don’t have a turbo yet hahahah


This was actually the first thing I bought/showed up and I am very stoked on it to say the least……


This all showed up the same day as the engine. Tomei type B pro cams, Ferrea dual valve springs/titanium retainers/seats, ARP head studs, supertech valve seals, and cam seals.


Also! I started pulling the RB apart to find out that it came with these!


So stoked on these. I was planning to buy these so I just saved some money!

I’ll have some more updates soon as I get further into pulling the engine apart!