I have a decent amount of pictures collected from Arlynna, Moya, and Steven from our trip to Canada that I’m organizing as well as other random car photos that I want to post up soon after I get them dated and everything in order. Should be within the next few days. Until then here is a picture Nathan just emailed me and posted on his blog Go check it out!



Last Monday I pulled the trans on the Z because my clutch gave out. Thankfully I was able to get it home on Sunday night. The center disk and pressure plate got pretty toasted and the front cover got a little messed up from a bad throw out bearing. All the pieces can be replaced but I think I’m just gonna save up and replace the whole clutch with the same ORC kit and hang up the URAS front cover on my wall.

(I wrapped my front end to avoid getting scratched on it from me rubbing it)



These are random photos that I have been meaning to post. A few weeks back I broke my phone and was forced to get a new one which isn’t a bad thing since the screen was missing chunks but I lost a lot of pictures which bums me out. Mainly because I can’t post them here to have to look back on later on.

Here are a few photos from a little night cruise to a random park in Orange County.


This may have been the following Sunday or previous hahah I can’t remember exactly. But Alex showed us this cool little spot in NewPort that was on the water.


This was right before we met with Allan and Nidia for a little Disneyland fun.

A little rip around Autopia!


Arlynna being silly and taking pictures as I was working hahahaha


and Just a little over a week ago Sebastian turned 1 year old! So we got him in his birthday suit and had him blow out his candle hahahahah


A few days after this Nathan had just landed back in Southern Calirfornia from Japan and stayed a few days before going back to Kentucky. He got this cool shot after we had some in n out.


I want to say this brings us up to date as far as what I have on my phone goes. I have some things I need to do to the z. Just maintanence stuff but I’ll make sure to keep posted with that and adventures!

San Fran Anniversary Weekend.

Arlynna and I planned a little weekend getaway to San Fransico for our anniversary. She had found a really nice little Airbnb for us in the southern part of the city where the streets aren’t too bad because we planned/took the z!

We left at 3 am Friday morning cause I wanted to avoid driving during the day and getting caught up in traffic. Before hand I was talking to Johnathan and he suggested I take the 101 for safety/scenic reasons. I took his advice cause when we went last time the 5 was so annoying even in the rental car. While on the 101 it goes out to the coast and goes up for awhile before cutting back inland. But there’s a connecting highway 154 for a more direct route. I planned for that seeing as it would be dark and safe that nice drive for the ride back. 154 turned out to be a cool mountain road! That’s where we made the first stop on our drive at about 6am

14060393_1578127262213589_837125824_o 14060102_1578127252213590_1271817177_o 14060096_1578127215546927_99957976_o 14087394_1578127212213594_1537151814_o

Then back on the road.


Made a stop to put gas and pee.


Fog cleared out and it was really nice!


After a few hours of driving we had made it in to San Jose and I had remembered people talking about a place called “Pepper Lunch”. I suggested it since we were both really hungry and it looked good on Yelp!


It was really good! I definitely suggest it if you are up there!

After this we made our way in the city and made it to our Airbnb! We were so excited and very happy/proud with how well the Z did. Not a signle issue or hiccup. I was so stoked about that.


We go there around 2 ish. The first day/night we planned an evening for ourselves. Seeing as we had access to a kitchen we wanted to make a nice dinner for two.

We got comfry and relaxed for a little and walked down to Safeway for some groceries to make Pesto Shrimp Pasta with Asparagus!

14087742_1578127335546915_1321075233_o 14123475_1578127372213578_1110146876_o

(notice how classy we are with fruit punch in wine glasses) The dinner came out better than expected! We had a really nice night of relaxing and catching up on sleep.

The next morning we met up with Johnathan and his girlfriend at Stacks for breakfast because Allan, Nidia, and Pete all kept saying we NEEDED to go hahah.

14075206_1578127438880238_1412213614_o 14087750_1578127458880236_1413004510_o 14123490_1578127472213568_928444247_o 14087591_1578127478880234_1563023030_o 14087162_1578127485546900_1882501093_o 14087722_1578127495546899_2015322612_o

It was good!! I really enjoyed my skillet and the waffle that Arlynna and I shared.

Johnathan had work so we parted ways till he was off. Arlynna and I made our way over to the Golden Gate Bridge to do tourist things!

We made it across and stopped at the main pull out which was insanely packed.

14123375_1578127498880232_611450792_o 14124153_1578127502213565_561579740_o



After taking a look around I noticed a road that branched off and went down to the shore where you could park and hang out.

14059979_1578128452213470_1330654483_o 14075098_1578128355546813_1779689027_o 14074303_1578128378880144_477681114_o

The weather was so amazing.

14123563_1578128545546794_749459805_o 14123342_1578128552213460_2081133083_o 14114505_1578128612213454_1022672113_o 14060398_1578128615546787_1514549869_o

After this we went to make our way back to the highway and ended up finding a park Arlynna was telling me about called “Hawk Hill”. It was on the other side of the highway and was so cool!

14114117_1578129235546725_1622622013_o 14045254_1578129245546724_2000815691_o 14124038_1578129295546719_1320838116_o 14060496_1578129285546720_1272502267_o 14123529_1578129302213385_2073403334_o 14114119_1578129298880052_683177045_o (1)

We drove back down the hill to the bridge to head over towards Fishermans Wharf. We didn’t spend too much time there. It was cool though! Crazy amount of people.

We went back to where we were staying to rest and eat cause we still had left overs and I wanted a nap hahaha

Around 7 ish we had UBER’d to Golden Boy pizza cause there was no way of me driving the Z in that part of the city. It was our first experience using UBER and it wasn’t all that great hahahah dude was all over the place….


The driver that took us back was a lot nicer and a better driver for sure. We went and got the z and then got some boba with Johnathan and his girlfriend.


Sunday came too soon and it was time to begin our drive home. BUT FIRST we were told to make a drive to Alice’s Cafe.


The 280 is such a nice highway. One of my favorites that I’ve driven the z on.

So the resturant is tucked away up on a mountain road which made it way cooler. It was such a nice drive. The scenery was amazing too.


The food was really good too!


We made our way through what felt like hell and got in to a little north of Santa Barbra.

14114097_1578129452213370_750537127_o 14123514_1578130145546634_1007767120_o 14087352_1578129475546701_798324039_o 14123494_1578130148879967_374895630_o 14114648_1578130178879964_1655062874_o 14123342_1578130275546621_1267234681_o 14087772_1578130265546622_723930614_o

After this stop we shot straight to Irvine to get Coco Ichibanya. Then it was straight home to shower and knock out.

This weekend was so incredible. The Z performed beyond my expectations and Arlynna made it such an amazing trip. I loved everything about it. I can’t wait to take another small roadtrip.


“T-Tops and Kitty Cats” -Jyw0rld

(this post should have been published about 2 or so weeks ago now. I apologize for lagging)

Last night James called me asking if I wanted to meet up and hang out at Cafe 86. I’ll make any excuse to drive the Z hahah

Arlynna and I decided it was time to see how Sebastian would enjoy a ride in the Z.

I have yet to formally introduce him. He is about 10months old and is very silly. He did incredible on the drive! We have taken him on car rides before and he loves to put his head out the window and sniff around like a pup. It’s amazing haha Alex got this amazing picture of him too.


Then I got some of him and Arlynna with the Z. As you can see it took a few tries hahaha


There are a lot more in my



Phil met up with us there as well which was cool! Finally got to hang out with him and see the car on the new wheels.


James car


Alex came out as well which was awesome.


Also Moya and Steven came!


We hung out for a little while and talked about old PS2 games that got us into cars. Like Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero.

I have a bit more to update from these few weeks. Canada, a drive down to San Diego, a small NDF photoshoot. I’ll try to get everything up shortly!


This was a nice fun weekend. Friday Arlynna and I met up with Moya, Steven, Hugo, and a few others for The OC Night Market. Which is basically a food festival as it was described to me hahaha tried some good foods and had a good time!

We first tried “lobster mac n cheese” It was decent. Was thinking it would be better but still good! Forgot to snap a picture of it.

We washed it down with a Thai Tea which was really good and came with a cool bottle! (emojis and captions brought to you by Arlynna hahaha)


Next I found a food truck called “Shake Ramen” I was super sceptical at first thinking it was a shake with all stuff that is usually in a bowl of ramen but then the lady working at the food truck had explained to me that it’s everything that would be in a bowl of ramen except the broth in a cup with a sealed lid so when you get it you shake it up and eat it. It was actually really good!! Highly recommend it!


That followed with us walking over to a place advertising “Poke Tacos”. Those are both great things so I figured it could possibly be good together which it definitely was. This was the “Ahi something taco hahaha I apologize for being forgetful about it.


Lastly for dessert we had funnel cake!!


After sitting and relaxing for a bit we made a little drive out to Newport seeing as it was less than 5 miles away. Hung out for a bit till we realized how late it was and then headed home.

Saturday I drove the z to work cause I was going to be meeting Arlynna and her family at her cousin Lukes graduation party right here in Brea. It was really nice to meet more of her family who were all super nice and welcoming! Congrats Luke!


After the party we had went home to relax for a bit and then I went out for a drive and met up with Moya, Kam, and Jackie at the NORUSH shop.

Sunday was nice relaxing. I slept in for the most part and then when I got up I gave the dogs a bath to cool them off from all the heat and I cleaned up with garage. Spent some time with my sisters and Dad. Around 7ish pm I went and picked up Arlynna and we went out to Irvine to get Curry at Coco.

I forgot to add that a while ago I ordered a no name engine damper for a s14 SR. I was unsure if it would fit seeing as I don’t have an s14 chassis but I’d be able to make it work for sure. It came in. (of course I got red)


and it fits! I gotta fix up a bracket so it’s not straight bolted to the coilover stud but that’s easy stuff!