A rather adventurous month. Arlynna and I did a lot of fun things and ate a lot of good food!

We kicked off the first weekend of Arlynnas birthday month with a very spontaneous late night drive (12ish/1am) to Joshua Tree to do some star gazing as well as catch the sunrise in Cholla Gardens. It was so incredible to see in person. I really wish I could have captured the night sky with my phone. It was crazy how many stars you could see and how bright the moon was. At I’d say 2 am the moon fell behind some mountains and the stars became even more pronounced. Definitely something I’d suggest everyone to witness in person at least once.

We slept for a few hours in the car which was actually a lot comfier than it sounds. At about 5:45ish/6 am we started to chase down the sunrise as we made our way to the Cholla Gardens.

Once we got there we were mesmerized by everything and taken away by the sunrise that was starting to take place.


Tried capturing the sunrise as best I could.

All the lovely scenery.

The following weekend Moya came over and we rented a wet vac to clean up our seats. What night and day difference! It’s like they are brand new again!

Shelby not wanting me to clean my floor mats…


Organized my work bench and then put the seats up there and out of the way of anything to keep them clean! I actually still need to wrap them in something so they don’t get dusty…


Got a cool cup from a nice night trip to Disneyland!

Finally time for us to fly out to Chicago for Arlynnas birthday!!

This time around we made sure we got there at least 2 hours early only for our flight to be delayed 2 hours. What are the odds haha. Oh well. We weren’t gonna let that get the best of us. ALSO. DO NOT FLY SPIRIT AIRLINES. It had to have been the most uncomfortable flight ever. And they charge for literally everything.



We finally arrived, got our luggage, rental, and checked in to our hotel. Then Chob picked us up from our hotel to take us to a classic local spot Gene and Judes!

I’m typically not a fan of hot dogs but man were these good!!


Simba, Josh, and Marylou had also met up with us here to eat and hang out. It was so nice to get to see everyone again.

From here we went and picked up Chob’s fiancee Gen, hung out at Mels new house for a little bit while they watched the baseball game that was going on, and then we were off to head into the city!

It was POURING rain. But I really enjoyed it. I felt it added more to the experience. Everything looks nicer in rain also. We walked like not even half a block and got soaked hahah but we finally made it to this really neat Ping Pong bar.

Some very late night Chinese Food.


Called it a night and headed back to the hotel so we could get up for breakfast/brunch the next day.

Funny side note. I had fallen asleep on the couch in our hotel room while Arlynna showered and then woke up rather confused as to where I was at like 3am. Only to find out she didn’t wake me up and took the bed for herself hahahahah

Chob and Gen picked us up from our hotel once again. Which we can’t thank them enough for cause it helped so much seeing as we had no idea of where anything was.

We made our way to Sarkis for brunch by the time we got there.


The food was soo goood. They had these amazing cheesy hashbrowns that I could not get enough of. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of my food hahah

After this they took us on a really nice drive through some very extravagant neighborhoods which led us to a nice private beach.

Got to see the gorgeous Baha’i Church. This place gave off such a positive vibe and had such a warm feel to it.

Made our way to downtown.

Took a drive through “Lower Wacker” where they filmed some parts of the latest Batman movies.

Arlynna bundling up seeing as it was a bit cold for us haha


Started to walk along the Chicago river to look at all the amazing buildings.

Got to see the BEAN!!

Did some more walking around and stopped at a cupcake truck.


Watched the clouds clear up in literally seconds.


Walked over a few more blocks to get to the Nutella Cafe!

Left there to get back to the cars so we could drive over to the Planetarium and look at the Skyline!

First we had to take a picture with this bronze bull. (It wasn’t until moments before this picture that we realized we were matching. Which I got really excited about)


Saw this really silly “slippery when wet” signage.


Now the incredible Chicago Skyline. Pictures do not do this justice in the slightest.

Josh and I nearly got washed out when we went down to where the water was and a wave decided to come up and say hello haha


Time for the ultimate experience. CHICAGO DEEPDISH PIZZA.

They took us to their personal favorite spot “Pequods”. It was everything we had dreamt about.


Such an incredible day with incredible people. Chicago is such a beautiful place filled with beautiful people.

Monday was Arlynnas offical birthday! Made our way to a coffee/pastry place that Chob and Gen suggested. Everything was delicious as expected and then we drove in to the city to do some tourist things such as look at “Sears Tower”.


For those who know me know I’m horrified of heights. I tried to suck it up as best I could for the sake of being somewhere new and being adventurous. But after about 20 ish minutes I started to get a bit dizzy and light headed hahah I felt bad because I was kind of a party pooper for this part of the day.

It was an incredible view from up there though!!

But this is where the real fun began.


It’s tradition that Arlynna gets pizza on her birthday so what a better way to keep that tradition alive with Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!!


Excitement could not be contained.

Both Pequods and Lou Malnatis were so incredible and there’s no way I could choose between the two. They were both the best pizzas I’ve ever had.

That night we met up Chob, Gen, Mel, Andrew, Angel, and Simba for wings. Sadly I forgot to snap pics of everything to show the envoirment and food.

It was a lot of fun cause we coincidentally went on a free bingo night which spiced things up hahah

Tuesday which was our last full day sadly. Arlynna and I made a small trip to Touge Factory before we went back to some stores in the city to get some stuff to take back home to our families.

Super cool place with a very nice staff! Thanks to Nick for the small tour and finding shirts in my size!

(Arlynna showing off my sweater that she decided to wear haha)


Also made another walk around the park to only find out that the huge fountain we really wanted to see was off for the day. Either way we still enjoyed ourselves and the weather.

One more drive over to the Planetarium before we leave to take a look at the city skyline.

It also definitely lived up to it’s name “The Windy City”

After gathering up the gifts we wanted to take home we headed to Chobs house so we could all go to dinner.

Finally got to see his car in person! It’s so freakin cool and sounds insane.

From there it was off to Simbas house to meet up with Josh, Angel, and Andrew for some ramen!



A little before the trip I had reached out to some people I have talked to over the years thanks to this blog and social media. And with the help of Josh and Chob contacting everyone they could we were able to put on a nice car meet!

It was at a local Boba spot called Cafe Hause and they had amazing Ice Cream waffles.


Everyones car there looked amazing and the atmosphere is so different to what you’d get at a car meet here in California. There’s a way more welcoming presence there. Much like how car meets here were like 6+ years ago. People just getting together and sharing knowledge and appreciating one anothers car.

Me being the space head I am I forgot to charge my phone so I missed out on taking pictures of mulitple cars sadly. But Am so thanful for all that showed up and for Josh and Chob for helping put it all together for Arlynna and I.

Mike (s14 on kai’s) and I have talked back and forth for awhile with updates on our cars or animals hahah so I was really really excited to finally get to meet him in real life as well as see his car in person. Hence why I took a lot of pictures of it. When you look at this car in pictures you think “wow. This is an insanley cool car.” but when you see it in person. It’s different. There’s the cliche “pictures don’t do it justice” But it’s true. You can’t get the feel of this car just from pictures. It’s different with all these cars. You just have to stop and really look at them and you get a feel for all the effort and time and thought that goes in to them. How each part is choosen carefully to accent something else. I know it sounds corny but I guess that goes with anyones hobby. If you’ve worked on something long enough you can tell when someone else has put there all into something and these cars are a perfect example of that.

It’s finally time to head home. I definitely wish we had stayed a few more days. The Chicago area is such a beautiful place.

Got ready, loaded up the car, and headed out for breakfast.


The pancakes were so good!!

Our flight was later on in the afternoon so we did some driving around and site seeing.

We also decided to put in an order for another Malnatis pizza to have before the flight hahaha IT’S SO GOOD.

Enjoying before our flight.

Look at how happy it makes us.



We made it back home around 9 or 10pm if I remember correctly so we just called it a night.

Took an extra day off for the heck of it and finally got new tires for the CE’s!

235/40/17 RS-RR and 255/40/17 RS-RR

After that we made our way over to Disneyland in the afternoon which seems to now be a tradition when we get back from somewhere haha

We went around being tourists taking pictures with characters and doing some of the little drawing classes in California Adventure.

It’s never a dull time there. With the right company it’s the best.

That weekend I went to work on the Z and adjusted the ride height in the rear as well as the camber cause the tire was touching the fender as well as I felt it looked odd at the height it was at with that tire size.

I’m pleased with the outcome! I do wish they sold a smaller profile tire though.

The following weekend Moya had just got his car back from paint and needed a hand swapping subframes before assembling all the aero and getting it back on the road. I went over on Sunday and we got to work!

Didn’t take nearly as long as I thought. Maybe like 1.5 to 2 hours? Then we went right to getting the ride height adjusted to accommodate for the new subframe risers.

With all the new aero and wheels the car looks insanely good. I loved the look of his car before and didn’t think it could get much better but holy crap did this car evolve. It may still be a red s13 as before but this is a totally different car now. It’s what perfect looks like to me.

Wish I was able to get day time pictures. I will this weekend when we hang out for sure.

So that’s that. October came and went way too fast if you ask me. We are now one week in to November and I’m almost done with all my Christmas shopping thankfully and am now just putting money aside to hopefully take advantage of any shops that have black friday sales so I can get anything I need for the Z.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!



September is coming to an end and it has been a very fun month. Arlynna and I went back up to Canada to watch our friends Ryan and Rebecca get married. It was an incredibly nice ceremony. After getting the invitation a few months before we planned to get up there a few days before the wedding to do some exploring/site seeing.

The wedding was Saturday September 16th so we decided to fly up Tuesday the 12th. We had a small string of bad luck the day we flew out. Our flight was to depart at 10am so Arlynna and I planned to be at the airport by at least 8am. We left Riverside (about 50 ish miles from LAX) at roughly 6:30am. Of course Southern California being Southern California there was traffic which was expected except there was traffic the entire way there. When I mean the entire way. I mean we got there at 9:45 and missed our flight. Yup. We left 3+hours early and still missed our flight. I was pretty upset. I really like being on time for things so when something like this happens I get really frustrated but thankfully Arlynna was there to calm me down and be more positive about the whole situation. It was out of my control so there was no point in being mad. Plus the lady at check in got us on the next available flight for free at 1pm. A bit later but hey we are gonna get there.

Killing time on the plane.



We had landed around 6. After getting through customs, taking a shuttle to enterprise, waiting for the rental, etc it was around 8:30pm. So we decided to just get some ramen at G men and call it a night.

The following morning we were up bright and early to meet up with Mark, Allan, and Nidia for some adventuring and breakfast.

We took Sea to Sky up to Squamish for some breakfast.


We ended up at this place Mark really enjoys called Fergies. The breakfast was incredible. Arlynna and I shared french toast and boy howdy was it something. What was really cool was this place was tucked away a little off the highway right next to a nice river that was filled with Salmon. We saw a decent amount jumping out of the water which was really freakin cool to see!

Might be a little difficult to see the fish cause my phone really didn’t want to focus on the water.

This followed with us piling in Marks truck and heading up a cool rocky trail. We thought we were heading up a trail that would lead to an old mining shaft but got the trails mixed up. Either way the scenery was incredible. Anything is fun with great company too.

Some pictures from where we pulled off.

There really wasn’t room for us to turn around. Mark kind of had to make his own path. Worked out perfect in the end!

After turning around we made our way back down the trail. A little ways down we stopeed to hang out next to the river and relax.

I was feeling adventurous and was going from rock to rock when one thing led to another and…………….


I fell in the river…..

I don’t know how or what happened. All I remember is I was in the river and I freaked for a second thinking I could get taken down and hit a rock as well as damn it my phones in my pocket. I quickly got out and on to this rock, pulled out my phone, and turned it off. Went pretty smoothly so I wasn’t too nervous. I was worried seeing as it was Arlynna and I’s only phone since Verizon would have charged her a fortune to use her phone across the border. I left it alone for the day and put it in rice as soon as we got back into town and left it in there for the night. The next morning I go to turn it on and BOOM as if nothing ever happend. I was SO reliefed to not have to buy a new phone while we were up there. Despite hurting my foot and almost breaking my phone. All I could do was laugh in the moment and enjoy where we were.

Thursday Alrynna and I got up and started packing our stuff back up cause now it was time for us to head over to Kelowna for the weekend and for the wedding!

Before leaving we went for breakfast at Honeys which is never a dissapointment.


We didn’t only have donuts. We also got breakfast sandwiches that weren’t on the table yet haha

After that delicious breakfast we headed for Lynn Park in West Vancouver. We had been here once before on our trip a few years ago and it was so pretty but it was raining and getting dark so we couldn’t explore much. This time it was nice and sunny but a bit crowded. We still made the best of it!

After roaming around and soaking in all the amazing scenery it was time to hit the road and make our way to Kelowna.

Stopped for Triple-O’s about an hour or so down the road which I was dying to be reunited with. I was too excited and forgot to stop and take pictures……. For those who don’t know. Triple-O’s is simply a fast food chain that is typically attatched to gas stations. I tried it the last time we were up there and fell in love with their Chicken Strips. I know it sounds silly but they are so freakin good. I don’t want to admit to how many I had within a one week spand….

About another hour ish later we had made it to the summit of the COQ. At the summit there is a rest stop that has a food truck there from time to time. I had to use the restroom as well as wanted to stretch so we pulled off.

That’s where I met George. This big adorable loving pup.

Got some other nice pictures with my beautiful Arlynna.

Got a cup of coffee to enjoy with my extra Honeys donuts I got and it was back on the road.

We got in to Kelowna around 7pm. Met up with Ryan, Dom, Kristian, Kaylin, and Amanda. Had dinner at this all you can eat buffet and just hung out. It was really nice to sit and relax with everyone.

Friday morning we all met up for Breakfast at the Jammery.  Luckily our airbnb was literally 1 mile away. On this drive we discovered this cute pig down the street hahah

After breakfast we went back to the airbnb to relax cause I wasn’t feeling to good. I thought it was allergies at first but then I came to realize it was a cold. So we got me some medicine and…….


DUNKAROOS!! I’m not sure if any of you had these as a kid but I did and I was obsessed with them. Sadly they no longer sell them here but they sure as hell do in Canada!

Later that evening Derek text me saying he had finally made it to town and wanted to meet up for dinner. I very much wanted to see Derek because I hadn’t seen him in like 2 years I happily got my lazy ass up and headed in to town for some Cactus Club where our waitress might have honestly admitted to doing cocaine in order to keep up with how busy it was. After the look on our faces she tried to jokingly play it off but seemed a bit awkward about it. People are crazy….

Now comes THE BIG DAY!! The wedding.

The weather was perfect and the venue was amazing. Despite there being fires just a few cities over it seemed like the weather cleared up perfectly just for them. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Arlynna and I were so honored that Ryan and Rebecca had invited us even though there was a big chance we wouldn’t be able to make it seeing as we live across a border and down and a few states. So happy we were able to make our way up there for such a significant event in their lives.

All around the venue were beautiful photo oppurtunities.


Arlynna and I being silly at the reception.

These adorable labels they had made for the wedding! There was one of Bobbi aslo but they were all scatered between the tables.


The reception was amazing, the food was delicious, and the weather was perfect. Definitely a great day and a great wedding. So happy for the two of you and wish you nothing but the best.

Sunday Arlynna, Derek, Christie, and I met up for the Jammery one last time. After a good hour wait we were sat, damn near inhaled our plates, and left to go meet with everyone at Ryans house.

From there we went up to a Winery so they could do some tasting and we could do some site seeing.

Even though it was getting a little gloomy and ashy from the local fires. It was still a gorgeous view.

Arlynna’s words to live by.


Kristian and I having fun with these binoculars.

Arlynna modeling.

After this we went and hit RIB fest in down town where we enjoyed a delicous pulled pork sandwich and fresh cinnamon donuts. Needless to say we were full after. hahaha

We were lucky enough to stop by Ryan and Rebeccas house that night to talk for a bit before they started their honeymoon. Also got to see the pups!

Monday was sadly our last day. We met up with Ryan and Rebecca right before for breakfast sandwiches. Talked a little about the honeymoon and how we’d being seeing them in a week at Disneyland haha.

Time to hit the COQ again. This drive will NEVER get old. It started raining as we were heading up but that just made for even more beautiful view.

We missed the Coquihalla sign on the way in so we made sure to stop on the way back to take some pictures with it hahaha.

Then the sky started to clear up after getting to the base of the mountain.

We finally got back in to the Vancouver area and were starving. Surprisingly we found out that there is a pepper lunch in Richmond just miles from the airport!


Having had bad timing with our flight to Canada we decided to take no chances and get to the airport extra early. Our flight out was at 8pm so we got there at 5 to be safe. Closer to 8 a lady came and told us our flight was being delayed about an hour and a half…. What are the odds, right?

Feeling a bit tired I decided to get something to make the trip feel 100% complete.


Ended the stay with a nice (not really) cup of Tims. For that full Canadian experience.

Such an amazing trip. It’s always hard to leave that place.

Arlynna had the Tuesday off when we got back so I decided to take an extra day so we could relax and do some California things. Which of course means Disneyland.

This year California Adventure decorated Cars Land and it was so cool!! It was pretty packed so I couldn’t get pictures of a few things but we’ll be back in a week so I’ll get those pictures then.

The detail of everything is so amazing. The distributor caps with spark plug wires as spiders and orange gas tanks as pumpkins. So clever!! Disney never disappoints.

Now officially back to reality. Came to work Wednesday to a few parts on my desk.

Oil tree stud to go to my Earls block adapter and otaku garage IACV adapter seeing as R33 and R34 rb25’s are different.

Super straight forward stuff to install.

Ryan text me on Friday saying him and Rebecca would be driving in to town later Saturday and that they wanted us to meet up with them for Disney on Sunday. It was a little warm and busy but we made the best of it!


McQueen all done up in his Super Hero costume


and lastly are some pictures that Nathan at hellogo.net sent me from when he visited and when the car last ran.



That’s every thing for now! Thank for taking the time to look through all this! Heading to Chicago in about two weeks and will definitely have a lot to post about from that! See everyone later.

Not much.

Really don’t have much to post about. Currently saving/paying off some credit cards. I’ve done little things. I had to order two adaptors to fit a 1/8 npt. One for my radiator for the swirl pot and one for my oil filter relocation that I just realized I never posted.

I sold my original GREX one cause an HKS one popped up on YAJ and I just couldn’t help myself cause I love HKS.

I finally got around to painting my front wheels. Very pleased with how they came out!

Ordered a new badge for my intake manifold since the other one was very dull and I really like the new syle one.

This last weekend I finally stopped being lazy and cleaned/organized my work space.


When I last visited Jakob (getautofactory.com) He had these cool Man Spirit gloves that I wanted. At the time I didn’t have the extra cash for them but in my favor they never sold so I bought them. Very excited to see how they feel with the suede nardi!


Aside from that everything is kind of on hold. Arlynna and I head back to Canada on the 12th for a friends wedding. I’m so freakin stoked! For both seeing my friend getting married and for adventure.


Some normal life stuff. My oldest cousin just got married this past month as well. Arlynna helped me with actually getting formally dressed. As well as to awkwardly dance for a little bit.

Can’t forget to post some pics of the animals!


That’s it for now but hopefully I’ll have some stuff to post about by the end of the month!

Disney’s Silver Surfer

Last Friday was my good friend Toudas birthday. She texted Arlynna and I asking us to join her, Kyle her boyfriend, and coworker/friend Amanda to a Disney day. Seeing as we can’t say no to Disneyland with great company Arlynna and I happily accepted.

We got there nice and early so she can finally experience the new Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Of course this made for a great photo. (I was taking video because everyone screaming was hilarious)

image1 (2)

After this we WON on Radiator Spring Racers. As you can tell I was pretty pumped.

image1 (3)

Had to get a picture next to the new sign with Cruz Ramirez! (not sure who has all seen Cars 3)

image2 (3)

Later that day we had to get mandatory beignets. Touda was pretty stoked.

image1 (4)

That was definitely one of the best Disney days.

Sunday I spent the day paint one pair of my CE’s. They didn’t come out perfect but I’m very happy with the results!

image2 (1)image1 (1)image3

I also did some more wire wheeling to some engine parts and then I clear coated them to preserve the look.

Last week a guy posted a Greddy manifold and Q45 throttle body for a price I could not say no for. I probably shout have but what the hell. I kept telling myself I’m saving money in the long run hahah

It did need a bit of cleaning.


It’s not entirely as clean as I want so I took it over to Davids and he assisted me with soda blasting it.

After that I hit it with a stainless steel pad and rinsed it off. Came out pretty damn good! Now I’m very happy with how it looks. I may take it to have it hot tanked just so it’s spotless on the inside.


Hope to have more to look at soon! Thanks for looking!



RB. Vol 5


Continuing on from my last post. Sadly I didn’t get all that I need to make Vol 5 the following week but here we are now and I have made progress!

With the head completely assembled, cams torqued, and clearances checked it’s time to mate it to the block.

Put in the headstuds, on the headgasket, and then head.

Torquing the head down was such a scary process hahaha but now it’s on and was time to install the cam gears and rb26 rear timing belt cover I got to match up with my valve covers/timing belt cover.

Moya had taken some neat photos while I was working on the engine.

June 19th was a big day. My amazing girlfriend Graduated with HONORS from University California Riverside with her Bacholers! I am insanely proud of her and all her hard work.


After the graduation we went home to enjoy this amazing brunch prepared by her step mom. Which we later burned off swimming in the pool to try and stay cool.


Later that week to celebrate we spent the evening at Disneyland with Allan, Nidia, and Moya. We also wanted to check out the new Guardians of the Galazy ride!


Back to the engine.

I got some paint stripper and began to redo the valve covers.


The paint came off almost instantly and made it so easy to clean them up.

The coil pack cover was another story seeing as it had been powder coated. But after a bit of scraping, stripping, and sanding I got it as clean as I could.


Liam and I were talking about what finish I should do on the covers for a while and we came to the conclusion polished would be most fitting cause it seemed to be the go to of a lot of highway dudes in Japan. I had thought about it some more and thought about the maintenance it would take to keep them nice so I ended up changing my mind. I did some looking around at R chassis engine bays to see that a good amount of Top Secret customer cars had this really nice dark blue on their covers. I headed to a local parts store and looked around their paints and came across a blue I felt was closest to it.

I am so happy with the color and how great it came out. A bit obsessed actually as you will be able to tell with all the pictures.

and then in the sun light


My water pump and timing belt components came in finally. I went and got new hardware for the waterpump cause I actually missplaced the original hardware. Not mad seeing as I feel it looks a bit nicer. At this time I cleaned up some other parts such as my coil packs, CAS bracket, and a few other accessories to bolt back on.

I’m so happy with how clean everything is and how nice everything looks. It’s just how I wanted it.

Bolted up the oil drain to the back of the head. Now I need fire sleeve for the line that goes to the oil pan as well as get the bung welded to the pan.


The oil pump gears showed up so it’s finally time to put in back together and get the whole front section of the engine bolted down.

Assembly time.

Gear installed and lubed. As well as new hardware loctite’d in. Time to bolt it on to the block and install the front main seal.


Crank gear, timing belt pulleys, and timing belt installed.

In the midst of doing this through the week. Arlynna and I had a nice coffee date at Philz in Huntington Beach. Which led to our now obsession with their Moch Tesora.


Later in the week. I want to say on friday my mines valve cover baffles came in.


These things are so nice.

Old baffles vs. new

Went and bought new hardware to replace the old rounded out philips screws. Also a drill and tap for the two extro holes for the mines baffles.


Put in the new valve cover gaskets but before that I double checked the torque specs on the Intake came gear and Crank pulley with the help of my buddy David. Then spun the engine a numerous amount of times to make sure nothing was interfering with each other and all went smoothly.

When I went and got the hardware for the baffles I also got new hardware for my valve covers and Timing cover. I’m very very happy with how everything is looking. Just how I envisioned it.

Not sure if it’s easy to tell but I had also wire wheeled a good amount of pieces to bring them back to looking new-ish. Like the CAS bracket, intake geart, alternator, etc. I really need to get aftermarket pulleys cause they are the only parts looking aged and not cool.


Well that’s everything for now! Thanks for stopping by and hope to have more stuff to look at soon!


Also here are a few photos of the Z I don’t think I ever posted.


RB vol. 4.5

Memorial Day weekend was nice. Got an extra day off which was very much needed.

Sunday I took the dogs to Arlynnas to swim and celebrate her Dad’s birthday. Fun fact: Shelby loves to swim. As you can tell from the following pictures.

Lady more just likes to hang out and enjoy the scenary.

We spend most of the day swimming and relaxing. Enjoyed good BBQ and that was it. It was an amazing day.

Monday I got to work on the RB. I grabbed the valves, valve springs, retainers, new shims to replace the ones I lost, and valve seals and got to work.

Started with installing the valve seals which went as easy as it should have. With a little bit of oil they slipped right on.

Next. I pulled out the valve compressor and got to installing the the springs and valves. I was a bit confused at first but after doing the first valve I got the hang of it.

Everything is looking real nice and clean. I love it. So excited for how everything is coming together.


I only got as far as installing the springs and valves. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get the cams in to check the clearances and pop the head on.

Tucked away till I get back to it.


I test fitted the cage because I was really excited about it as well as I was nervous about it being for another chassis. Like a 2+2 or a Slick top but it fit in just fine! It’s snug but that’s because it’s on the carpet and not bolted in.

I was originally thinking of painting it black but to be honest I really like the blue now hahah I’m gonna leave it that way for a little bit.